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Fretboard 3 PDF

Fretboard 3

The first huge concert I played was with Alabama, Tammy Wynette, Billy Crash Cradock and so many others but Tammy and Alabama were the big draws. Alabama's hit, 'Why Lady Why,” was number one. This was my first huge show. I was 12 years old and it was in my home town, so I had a ton of friends/fans there. Everyone was nervous about this kid. Mark, Alabama's drummer, was the band’s rock-star and was so incredibly great to me. I was so amazed. Teddy, the band’s bass player really took me in, teaching me so much. He showed me his tour bus and my love affair with Silver Eagle Tour Buses was born that day. But the big question was, would I pass or fall terribly in front of the thousands of people there. I was home on the stage, so I passed. That night, I was playing a very big club and while sitting in the dressing room listening to Van Halen, a security guard came to my room saying (all excited and out of breath) that Tammy's white Silver Eagle had just pulled up. I thought she was there to see our great singer - but - she was there to see me. Incredible... She said she had not been able to see the show while I was playing and wanted to meet me. She was the sweetest lady in the world. She was in all white and looked just like an Angel. I am not star-struck, per say, because I was always around stars and legends but she was different. I just could not believe it. She was talking to me like she had always known me, and the advice she gave was beautiful. She cared. She cared so much, it was so very obvious

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