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8 months ago

2018 J. Edwards Furniture Catalog

D F E D) BFC-38 Dresser

D F E D) BFC-38 Dresser • 12-drawers • 63"w x 21"d x 50¼"h • Knobs: 1466-WN BFC-44 Mirror • 45"w x 34¾"h E) BFC-46 Dresser • 10-drawers • 63"w x 21"d x 43¼"h • Knobs: 1466-WN 78 FRENCH COUNTRY COLLECTION BFC-44 Mirror F) BFC-51 Dresser • 45"w x 34¾"h • 9-drawers • 63"w x 21"d x 44"h • Knobs: 1466WN • Shown in Cherry with Washington finish BFC-42 Mirror • 45"W x 37¾"h

H G I G) BFC-51 Dresser • 9-drawers • 63"w x 21"d x 44"h • Knobs: 05 BFC-57 Mirror H) BFC-62 Dresser BFC-A1 Mirror I) • 48"w x 35"h • 9-drawers • 47½"W x 41¾"h • 72"w x 21"d x 39¾"h • Pulls: 1333-077 BFC-50 Dresser • 6-drawers • 63"w x 21"d x 36½"h BFC-01 Mirror • 38"W x 41"h FRENCH COUNTRY COLLECTION 79

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