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The Truth About Ovarian Cyst Symptoms

The smell can be so strong that it emanates everywhere you go, and it makes everyone around you think that you don't have good hygiene, but obviously you do. The embarrassing smell can even make you refrain from wanting to have an intimate encounter or a romantic moment with your partner. You have asked the question why does my vagina smell so bad? And I am here to too tell you why. And also help you learn how you can eliminate that odour in one day.

The Truth About Ovarian Cyst

The Truth About Ovarian Cyst Symptoms - You Be the Judge While undergoing treatment for bv stay away from food and drinks which promote the growth of the bad bacteria. Alcohol, soy sauce, chocolate and cheese are examples of food which you must avoid till your infection is cured completely. Fermented foods and other food that contain molds should also be avoided. It is best if you can abstain from sexual intercourse during the treatment period and for a few days after the bv symptoms subside. Even after completely getting rid of the infection make use of condoms at least for a week. While making use of bacterial vaginosis home remedy ideas ensure that you take into consideration the above 3 aspects. Trust me it will go a long way in providing you permanent bv cure. Natural home treatment for bacterial vaginosis is usually a better option for women who suffer from recurrent bouts of BV. For many, the endless cycle of antibiotics, expensive over the counter remedies can become all too much and the time comes when most women realize that a different approach is needed. The reason why most women suffer from repeat attack is because whatever has caused the condition in the first place has never been addressed. You could take numerous courses of antibiotics and although each course may provide some symptomatic relief, that's often as far as it goes.

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