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Main Course Grilled Beef

Main Course Grilled Beef Fillet(250 g) (grilled beef fillet with mashed potatoes, slow roasted tomatoes served with caramelized carrot, grilled mushroom, café de Paris butter) 110.00L.E Veal Scaloppini (Veal scaloppini Breaded with Bread Crumbs mixed with parmesan cheese, Maître d’hôtel butter, arugula with parmesan grilled vegetables and French fries) 105.00L.E Ribeye Ribeye served with sautéed vegetables and French fries راب اى استيك ‏)راب اى استيك - يقدم مع خضار سوتيه،‏ االرز االبيض وبطاطس بوم فريت(‏ 120.00L.E Stuffed Chicken Breast (mushroom, mozzarella, blue cheese, green beans, roasted baby potatoes with rosemary, grilled vegetables with green pepper sauce) 85.00L.E Side dishes: 10 L.E (Rice-French fries-Potato widges-Mashed potato-Sauteed vegetables)

Shish Tawook Chicken on skewers with tomatoes, mix bell peppers, and onions served with rice شيش طاووق ‏)صدور فراخ،‏ فلفل الوان،‏ بصل يقدم مع االرز االبيض(‏ 56.00L.E Milanese Chicken (Breaded chicken breast topped with tomatoes concasa, mozzarella and parmesan cheese served with sauteed vegetables and frensh fries) 75.00L.E Chicken Shawerma or Meat Shawerma (served with french fries) شاورمة الدجاج او شاورمة اللحم ‏)تقدم مع بطاطس محمرة(‏ 28.00L.E Boneless Chicken Grilled chicken served with peanut butter sauce and French fries دجاج ساتيه ‏)قطع دجاج بصوص بينابتر يقدم مع البطاطس بوم فريت(‏ 45.00L.E Fata Shawerma Chicken or Meat shawarma with rice and bread فتة شاورمة ‏)قطع شاورمه الدجاج او اللحم يقدم مع العيش الصاج و االرز االبيض(‏ 34.00L.E Side dishes: 10 L.E (Rice-French fries-Potato widges-Mashed potato-Sauteed vegetables)