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Xenon HID bulbs require a high starting current that can be hazardous. This fitting guide has been produced to show, step by step, how xenon HID bulbs can safely be replaced. NOTE: before commencing any fitting operation, ensure the vehicle is parked off the road with the handbrake on. A xenon HID system is made up of different components. Follow the simple checks to replace the correct part. 1) Check the ballast. You should hear an electrical switching noise around the headlight area. This is the ballast trying to ignite. 2) If the ballast can be heard, then the bulb requires replacing. 3) If no noise is heard, then check the relevant fuse (see vehicle handbook). 4) If the fuses are ok, the ballast or wiring may be at fault. Consult an auto electrician. ZKW Consult the vehicle handbook for advice on how to remove the headlamp fuse. PL 4 12,5 IDENTIFY THE BULB REFERENCE This can be found in the handbook or on the headlamp unit. Alternatively check on Ring’s Find My Bulb App at E 721.71. 0. 0 ECE links 01XCVERT 0 1b 02A 0RL 07 04573538 28-Feb-12 15473 15474 EPR141k AI07 RL 63. 1-7 259 547 Made in AT 1*D1S 1*PY21W 12v 24v D3S ISOLATE THE LIGHTING CIRCUIT 1) Turn off the ignition and remove the keys. 2) Switch off the headlight switch. FITTING - ACCESS TO THE BULB Consult the vehicle handbook for directions on how to access the headlamps. Replacement procedures differ from vehicle to vehicle: this guide shows common easy to fit procedures. ➊ Remove the headlamp as per handbook. This could be a quick release system or Torx system. ➋ Disconnect the power connector. ➌ When removing the headlamp, take care not to scratch the lens. 3) Remove the headlamp fuse. Turning the wheel into full lock will help gain access (remember to remove key from ignition after locking wheels). NOTE: due to the unique ageing process of xenon HID bulbs, only replace in pairs to ensure a colour match. REMOVING THE BULB FOR D1 AND D3 1) Disconnect the ballast. ➊ 2) Unclip the metal retainer. ➋ NOTE: If there is no metal retainer clip, quarter turn the bulb anticlockwise to unlock. 3) Remove the bulb. ➌ FOR D2 AND D4 1) Rotate anti-clockwise and disconnect the connector. ➊ 2) Unclip metal retainer. ➋ 3) Remove the bulb. ➌ REPLACE WITH NEW BULB i) Replace the bulb following the previous instruction in reverse. ii) Check all the connections are made correctly. iii) Replace the headlamp assembly covers removed to access the headlamp. CHECKING i) Replace the lighting fuse and test that the headlights are working correctly. ii) Check headlight alignment. Scan the QR code to view the HID installation 9774 Ring HID A3 step by step Poster.indd 3-4 20/12/2016 09:57 video. Stand out from the crowd Xenon HID Bulbs Maximise sales and profits by fitting Ring Xenon HID Bulbs. 4100K Standard colour temperature Direct OE quality replacement for existing bulbs 3000 hours operating time, offering motorists a long life fitment 3200 lumens output giving motorists a bright light output, helping to see road signs and obstacles earlier A colour temperature of 4100K to produce a cool crisp white light for a modern look - - E marked R85406 85V 35 PK32d-3 D1R 5055175215129 R85402 85V 35 PK32d-2 D1S 5055175215112 R85126 85V 35 P32d-3 D2R 5055175211480 R85122 85V 35 P32d-2 D2S 5055175211473 If you have suggestions for parts that are not currently in our portfolio, please email XENON HID us BULB at REPLACEMENT GUIDE Step Step Step Step 3 For R42306 technical bulletins, 42V COSHH/MSDS 35 sheets and technical PK32d-6 information D3R such R42302 as troubleshooting 42V guides and 35 videos, please visit PK32d-5 D3S 5055175235882 5055175230610 3 5 R42406 42V 35 P32d-6 D4R 5055175235899 FPS Barking Tel: 020 8477 4560 FPS Leeds Tel: 0113 259 R42402 7770 42V FPS Nottingham 35 P32d-5 Tel: 0115 964 7250 D4S 5055175230627 FAULT DIAGNOSIS Step FPS Birmingham Tel: 0121 359 8991 FPS Leicester Tel: 0116 247 0203 FPS Preston Tel: 01772 31 1444 Order online at: R12410 12V 25 PK32d-7 D5S 5055175239903 TYPE 1 HEADLAMP REMOVAL TYPE 2 WHEEL ARCH FPS Bristol Tel: 0117 971 0956 FPS Liverpool Tel: 0151 207 8170 FPS Reading Tel: 0118 935 1313 Step FPS Cardiff 1 Step Step 3 Tel: 029 2046 2424 6 FPS Luton Tel: 01582 87 6699 FPS Sheffield Tel: 0114 261 5010 Step FPS Charlton Tel: 020 8477 4560 FPS Maidstone Tel: 020 8477 4560 FPS Southampton Tel: 023 8021 1213 Step 7 HID bulbs can be safely replaced when the fitting instruction are followed. FPS Colchester Tel: 01206 85 HID FITTING 5211 VIDEO FPS Manchester Tel: 0161 876 5677 FPS Staples Corner Tel: 020 8477 4560 FPS Glasgow Tel: 0141 552 0077 FPS For Newcastle additional information Tel: 0191 224 2200 request a FPS fitting Leisure guide or scan Tel: 01789 QR code 41 7555to view Ring’s fitting guide. D1R/D3R D1S/D3S D2R/D4R D2S/D4S D5S Ref Voltage Wattage Cap ECE Barcode Prices are accurate at time of print and are subject to change without prior notice. All products are available whilst stocks last and subject to availability. All prices exclude VAT. Free delivery is subject to terms and conditions and applies to UK mainland only. Pictures shown are for illustrative purposes only and may not be representative of actual products or vehicles. FPS is not endorsed by or connected with any vehicle manufacturer stated. E&OE