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54 Beauty Güzellik

54 Beauty Güzellik having operated at Gebze Organized Industrial Zone in 2015. Our priority for the period ahead is to continue to improve our goals and develop new projects,” said the Honorary President of MG International Fragrance Company, Mişel Gülçiçek. AMONG “EXPORT STARS” MG International Fragrance Company has claimed its place among Export Stars of 2017 with its contribution to the Turkish economy after having increased its export capacity. MG International Fragrance Company claimed the second place in the field of Fragrance Chemicals Exports in “2017 IKMIB Stars of Exports Awards” organized by Istanbul Chemicals and Chemical Products Exporters Association (IKMIB). Deputy Minister of Economy, Fatih Metin, Chairman of Turkish Exporters Association (TIM), Mehmet Büyükekşi, Chairman of IKMIB, Murat Akyüz, and many executives of other companies were present at the night honoring the successful companies of the chemicals sector that contributed to the Turkish economy with an input of 16 billion USD of total exports last year. On behalf of MG International Fragrance Company, Deputy General Manager, Bülent Konca, received the award from Deputy Minister of Economy, Fatih Metin.

Güzellik Beauty 55 PRODUCING SUSTAINABLE RAW MATERIAL Having claimed its stake within the top 20 of global fragrance sector, MG International Fragrance Company has also strengthened its efforts in perspective of Total Factor Efficiency following its collaboration with the Ministry of Development. The company’s Honorary President Mişel Gülçiçek had following to say about research-development efforts and efficiency: “We as MG International Fragrance Company produce fragrance based on special raw material for global and Turkish brands operating primarily in industrial, home care, personal care and cosmetic sectors. As we produce highly value added products within our production capacity of 7,5 thousand tonnes, we are improving our R&D efforts, marketing and distribution processes within the framework of a global strategy. We were the first to build an automatic production robot with the highest capacity in the world under a single roof in our factory in Turkey. Our steel pipeline of 28 kilometres is connected to our robotic system production line via feeding tanks attached to 1080 raw materials without touching a single hand. We are an establishment that has achieved many firsts in our sector in terms of the use of data processing and new technology. For example, we were the first to activate IBM network system and first robotic production system in our previous facility. In addition to production of fragrance, we are also producing nearly 280 raw materials thanks to the efforts of our R&D centre and selling them to producers operating in the international markets of our sector. STATE-OF-THE-ART PRODUCTION FACILITY has not been built only as a MG production centre, but also as a living space. In all actuality, MG International Fragrance Company’s new facility is an investment to the individual. There are meeting rooms, an auditorium for 120 people, pilates and fitness rooms, a semi-olympic swimming pool, and an accommodation facility with a capacity of 30 people and 6 VIP rooms for international experts, guests and workers who cannot go home due to intensive work schedule. Our bistro-style restaurant also serves our workers with a different menu everyday. The sense of belonging built on presentation and appreciation is deeply felt in our unique Gebze facility. To sum it up, here at the heart of fragrance, we as MG International Fragrance Company care and will continue to care for our guests and our workers feel like they are in the comfort of their own home.’’