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76 Beauty Güzellik With the energy provided by our third generation youth who joined our management, PEREJA will continue to experience the proud of being the brand of firsts. A Worldwide Brand in Cologne: PEREJA! The new member of PERAJA Cosmetics Mr. Tolga, let’s get to know you. Can you mention about your past and goals? How long have you been in the cosmetics sector? Tolga Ataş: Cosmetics, perfumes and fragrances were one of my greatest interests since my childhood. However, I never thought I would be the marketing manager of one of the Turkey’s oldest cosmetics company. Now, it is a great honor for me to be a part of the PEREJA family. I have been working actively in the cosmetic sector for 8 years. In fact, my background is advertising, I have master’s degrees in communication design and advertising and cinema. I used to work on advertising and branding. In fact, my expertise is on the fields such as branding a product, its corporate identity, position of the product on the market and their launching. Combined with my special curiosity cosmetics, a profile emerges that makes all its duties passionately. What kind of strategies are you following on marketing? How you reach to masses? Tolga Ataş: The most important point for us is to recognize the customer and the relevant market. We usually realize this with exhibitions, network studies and market researches. Our brands are also very popular abroad. We have seen this at the last exhibition in Italy. Our mark is known as one of the world’s major cologne brands. Our new series of perfumes also attract a lot of attention. Can you mention about your product ranges? How you make marketing of the product in the countries you export? Tolga Ataş: PEREJA brand identity begins with cologne in the first place and is spreading in all products related to fragrance. In addition, with our R&D studies we are presenting highly effective and successful products in all personal care products. To begin with fragrant products, for example perfume is one of our specialty areas, we export perfumes to over 80 countries. Prize Cosmetics, our export brand, have varieties and collections. Our marketing activities vary from country to country. There are also countries where the traditional market is predominant in sales, we have selling points in chain stores in the developed countries where mass market is the main subject in sales. There are also countries where we operate through big dealers. In the Middle East, for example, there are countries where we exist in supermarkets with a certain distributor channel. In short, our marketing channel varies depending on the country’s socioeconomic, cultural and demographic structure. For example, you cannot find supermarkets anywhere in an African country. There is a traditional market dominance. In such cases, we reach our consumers through big wholesalers. Let’s talk about your other brands. What are your scented product ranges? Tolga Ataş: We have a very ambitious product group in perfumes, colonies, and recent year’s trend body splash. In exports, ‘body mist’ has an important position in the countries where we operate. Deodorants that are filled with gas are products have the same demand with perfume. As a result, we are also in a very good position in this area. Because of our capacity and market needs, we are expanding our gasfilled unit and we are putting into action this year our investment plans that we were waiting to realize in line with the market needs and demands. As of the second half of 2018, we will start production of our additional gas filling line which we have a different place in our machine track line. Over the past 2 years, we have doubled the physical conditions of our factory by increasing more than 100% in sales and growing more with the courage it gives us. Özer Susesi; We are living the rightful pride of waving the Turkish flag in Italy, Bologna for the first time … We know that you have broken grounds as PEREJA Cosmetics. Apart from production, are there any other issues you proud to represent our country outside, can you talk about it?

Güzellik Beauty 77 Özer Susesi: Our company is a company that always break grounds. We are Turkey’s and Europe’s first liquid soap producer. The adventure which began by making a license agreement with the German company Gemba, had enabled us to be the first company engaged in the production of liquid soaps in Turkey by purchasing the naming rights from this company to. For example, one of the biggest cosmetic exhibitions in the world is held in Bologna, Italy. PEREJA is the first company participating in this exhibition. This is a big step to represent our country. We even gave full-page ads for our products, such as Verdure Men’s Fragrance and Vivien Women’s Perfume, in the magazines published in those years. It is known that the flags of all the countries participating in the fairs will be hung. The first thing that caught our attention when we entered the hall was that the Turkish flag was not there. I have asked to the general directorate of the day the reason why there were no Turkish flag, and we conveyed this issue to the officials of the exhibition when I asked to consult with the officials of the fair. In all conscience, we asked the reason why we do not have our flag even though we were exhibitors. They did apologize by explaining that they do not have Turkish flag at that times. Since they gave the same answer on the second day, we said it is very easy to find it, you can take it from the Turkish Embassy and raise it. The next day, as we recommended, they took our flag from the Turkish Embassy and raised it. To sum up, PEERJA is the first company to wave the Turkish flag in Cosmoprof which is the biggest cosmetic exhibition in the world. We were also the first Turkish company leaving its mark in the exhibition’s history by asking to raise its flag. I carried this pride throughout my life and next generations will also continue to carry it. Participation to exhibition has a significant importance for many companies, what does it mean for you? There are rumors that the exhibitions are not efficient, how you feel about this? Özer Susesi: Exhibitions bring together all the world’s companies and authorities in the cosmetics sector. If your standards are good and your products are interesting, if you are introducing novelties and attract visitors, you are doing good works. In this way, you can get what you expect from the expeditions. But, if you are doing ordinary works, exhibitions can be disappointing and result in negative way. We are trying to follow all the fairs in the world. Now, as you know, African market is developing, it is a good market, people are newly getting economic power. Likewise, China is a good market, and it had a bad economy when it first opened into the world, nowadays it is the giants of the world. If you work in the sense of seeing innovations, working and feeling the pulse of the time, you will always collect its fruit. It is repeated by the sector at every opportunity that there should be an exhibition in our country. In your opinion, what kind of exhibition should be in our country? What should be the standards? Özer Susesi: There is no change at Bologna fairgrounds for 40 years. A few halls may be added at the most. When you look at Turkey’s case, you’ll see that the trade fair business has been newly on development trend. The examples are clear. Fairs about yacht, motor, food, home textiles are organized more comfortably. As a Turkish citizen I am proud of the level Turkey has come on this field. You trounced on a very important subject. We have seen fairs abroad for years. Related to the lack of adequate infrastructure, I always felt the deficiency of it as a Turkish businessman. it does not occur in Turkey as a Turkish businessman lived continuously. At first, our halls were not enough. We have witnessed this since our company is an old company. We even opened the first fair exhibitions in the lobbies of the hotels, as there were no halls or lounges. In the 80’s, we were making jam-packed organizations in big hotels in Taksim with about 20 firms. When I went to exhibitions in Germany and Italy in the 70’s, I saw that they were hosting 3000 attendees. Think about the number of people and companies as visitors to an organization with 3000 participant companies. You cannot walk in crowds in the halls. We were wishing to have such 1000-2000 square meters of halls in those years, and do such organizations. Nothing has changed in Bologna for 40 years. The hall has been added so far as not to pass a hand finger. However, when you look at Turkey, exhibition is newly developing. Examples are also obvious; yacht, motor, food, home textile exhibitions are now made more comfortable. As a Turkish citizen, I’m proud of the point Turkey reached today in this area. It is said that there are some problems in competition market of the Turkish cosmetics sector, do you agree with this? Özer Susesi: There are various kinds of problems in every country. These are the subjects to be overcome by determining malfunctions within time.