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78 Beauty Güzellik When

78 Beauty Güzellik When we look at the world as a whole, I do not think that we are far behind the standards of payments and bureaucratic procedures. These are not obstacles for me to succeed. In fact, our President also says that. We are one of the countries in the top 20 in terms of country. This is an indication of the magnitude of the Republic of Turkey. Today, national income is in the range of $ 11,000- 12,000. Instead of constantly looking at Europe, in fact, you should look at the other countries of the world. Even in Europe, now, we see that the national income is fixed, frozen, and the economy is not improving. Europe now seems to have entered an unproductive period. But, our growth figures are obviously going up every year and promising the future. Today, we are a country with a population of over 80,000,000, having a young population. I am extremely hopeful of our youth. I hope that our country will have more beautiful days in the coming years. Can you please mention about your other product ranges besides Private Label? What are your goals in PL? Tolga Ataş: Besides Private Label, with PEREJA, Sandy, Vivien, Verdure, Wilson, Happy Baby, Prize Cosmetics and Perlona brands, we are active in a wide range of products including personal fragrance products such as cologne, rose water, perfume, deodorant, body splash, shaving colognes; personal care products such as shampoos, lotions, creams, liquid soaps, powders, peels, baby care products as well as home care products such as room spray, laundry spray and candle. In Private Label, we operate both nationally and internationally. In the national area, we are one of Turkey’s largest private label manufacturer. We are also producing both home cosmetics and personal care products of the Turkey’s leading brands such as English Home, Chakra, Linens and LCW Home. Besides, we are working with these companies as solution partnership. We see what we serve in private label productions as a solution partner and not as a customer. Because, this is a different medium that introduces our products to our customers. It is very important for us that people see PEREJA brand when they look behind the products. Do you have any problems with packing which has an important role in selecting product? Are you able to supply in the country enough? What difficulties do you have if you are importing? Tolga Ataş: The packaging sector is a developing sector in Turkey. We are trying to do our best as the company. We have suggestions and investments. We also pay attention to the use our designs and domestic production in our packaging whenever possible. Does PEREJA think to produce its own packaging? Will you be able to meet the demand for capacity increase? Özer Susesi: I want everyone to do their own business. If everyone does the job they are specialized and focuses on it, they would be more successful. The packer must do the packing work. The manufacturer must do the production. There are companies that make both production and packaging in our sector, but I do not think they are very successful. You will ask the reason, think that you want to produce your own plastic and you do not have a chance to fill that capacity with lower capacity machines. And, think about a company that just does this job. When you have one blowing machine, the other side has 15 blowing machines. I mean, I think if everyone does their job, they would be much more successful. Tolga Ataş: According to my opinion, it is also preventing the sectors that serve cosmetics from working in their own fields. For example, a fully integrated cosmetics company damages packing sector by producing it. Everyone do their own business so that we can save time but, complementary products should be done by the experts. Increase competition and open up innovative investments in this regard. What are your goals for marketing in 2018? Özer Susesi: As PEREJA, we are a well-known company in fragrance and perfume. With our new production lines, we will become more ambitious in all areas of your cosmetics. Our R&D studies is progressing extremely fast. We are about to take our place in the field of natural cosmetics as well with natural products that we follow closely the world trends and work on recently. Berrak Susesi; The core of quality product is “natural alcohol” What is the main factor which creates PEREJA? Berrak Susesi: The alcohol in our products is always very important. In our R&D, we are making studies on alcohol synthesis, research and examination. We synthesize and analyze the incoming alcohol to determine whether it is suitable for use. We know that there are many companies using synthetic alcohol in the market. Even if you cannot recognize products with poor quality alcohol by smelling it, it can cause roseola and irritation in case of contact with skin. Those who encounter it may think that they are allergic. We also give importance to our essences besides our alcohol. It is very important for us that our fragrances are natural and allergen free. We carefully select both alcohol and essences in all our products. Our sales of halal cosmetics products grow rapidly in the world market Özer Susesi: Halal cosmetics production as well as our R&D

Güzellik Beauty 79 studies in this area are developing day by day. In Halal Cosmetics products, we aim to increase our market share in Muslim countries in the Middle East. We also produce 100% halal perfumes with no alcohol in it. I would also like to point out that we are currently working with Turkish Airlines on this issue. Ms. Berrak, you have studied on fragrances in France, would you tell us about the effects of good or bad fragrance on people? Berrak Susesi: Design, packaging, appearance are very important factors affecting the first sense of the product. However, what ensures its continuity is the odor, quality of the contents, not being irritating, its naturalness, in short, its effect on the human being. As PEREJA, we also have a very important infrastructure in essence R&D studies. The only sense that the brain does not close even when sleeping is the sense of smell. Having a pleasant smell always has a good effect on your brain. Since the sense of smell is located at a point very close to the memory, the brain will not forget the smell. The smell is a very important bridge with our past and our connection with people. Even a newborn baby who knows nothing about the world can recognize its mother from her smell. the fragrance of the family elders or those of your loved ones will take you to moments with that person and you will live that moment again even if you have lost them a long time ago. An item can remind you of your memories with the person for many years ago. Close the lights in a room, you cannot either see the color or the package of the product but, if the smell is special to you, you will not forget it even without seeing it. Thanks to the perfumery training I have taken in France, we pay attention to develop products by taking into account this emotional effect in our own products and in our productions for our solution partners. What are the certifications you own? Berrak Susesi: We have all the certifications required in our country and in the countries we export. We are also working as solution partners with companies we export. We provide all the necessary support from the customer receipt of the product to its documentation, from the provision of responsible technicians to the stage of submission. We test all of our production items in details such as packaging, glass bottles, reeds and caps. A product needs to pass through hundreds of tests to get approval. The first incoming party is waiting in the quarantine and then it is put to the test. If a healthy result is obtained from the tests, it is involved in the production. Our company policy: Human health Berrak Susesi: When we receive a material from within or outside the country, we request the sample by stating our standards and criteria, and we check the conformity by passing the samples through our own tests. Especially in recent years, due to the increased interest in natural products, our products with natural ingredients containing no sulphate and paraben are very popular. Thanks to our consumers being informed about this issue and being more careful in product selection, our products in this structure are getting more and more attention every passing day. We always put human health at the top of our company policy, and this will always be like that. Özer Susesi: Although we produce cosmetics, we follow a strict policy in packing as if it is food product. In fact, all cosmetic products need attention. It is very important to choose reliable companies and brands. This is applicable for all cosmetic products we use. As far as we can see, you are very careful about alcohol and chemicals, but there are companies that do not pay attention to this issue. Why? Özer Susesi:. The cheap products are manufactured by using heavy metals such as lead and cadmium, and packaging which include formaldehyde, and most importantly using ethyl alcohol thereby reducing the cost by half, and place on sleves. First of all, there is a competition, which is the first reason. Companies that want to sell their products in discount stores, for example, want to take place at a price below the price of PEREJA. If you intend to produce a product below the price given by a reliable company, you should to make serious sacrifices in terms of quality. Since you will sell the product cheaper, you will purchase cheaper raw materials. In the products supplied for cheap, products are produced to half cost by using heavy metals such as lead and cadmium, formaldehyde-containing packages and most importantly petroleum-derived ethyl alcohol, and they find places on the shelves and they are playing with human health. I’m not rich enough to use cheap goods! Özer Susesi: We analyze graphically the analysis of PEREJA products’ shelf life, in which day the products will give the best odor performance, and in what kind of environment the product should be used. Consequently, we are presenting our consumers the products that we are sure about their performance. Customers in fact sometimes do not supply a product that they taught to buy cheap. There is a saying, “I am not rich enough to use cheap goods”, it is true. Because cheap products can be costly in terms of both health and home economics. Because a product taken at a market price is long-lasting while the product taken cheaply is consumed in a short time. At the end of the day, more than one cheaper product purchased for use during the durability period of the quality product is overpaid in the total quality product.