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PANORAMA 64 Türk tekstili ITM’de Fransız makineleriyle buluşuyor Turkish textile meets French machinery at ITM TEKSTİL & TEKNİK | NİSAN | APRIL | 2018 Fransız tekstil makineleri üreticileri uzun elyaf iplikçiliğinde (yün, akrilik, vb.), Iplik bükümünde ve kontrolde (teknik iplikler dahil), uzay boyama, halı iplikleri için ısı ayarı, halı sistemleri, boyama ve terbiye, finisaj işlemleri için keçeler ve kayışlarda, nonwoven, tekstil tesislerinin iklimlendirilmesi ve tekstil malzemelerinin geri dönüşüm işlemlerinde özellikle güçlüdür. Yıllık toplam 1 milyar Euro ciro cirosu ile dünya çapında altıncı tekstil makineleri ihracatçısı ve Türk tekstil sektörünün önemli bir ortağıdır. Röportaj için derneğin Genel Sekreteri Evelyne CHOLET’e teşekkür ederiz. French textile machinery manufacturers are particularly strong in long fibre spinning (wool, acrylic, etc.), yarn twisting and control (including technical yarns), space-dyeing, heat setting for carpet yarns, carpet systems, dyeing and finishing, felts and belts for finishing processes, nonwovens, air conditioning of textile plants and recycling processes of textile materials. With a total annual consolidated turnover of 1 billion Euros, they are the sixth textile machinery exporters worldwide and a major partner of the Turkish textile industry. We thank Evelyne CHOLET, their association Secretary General, for her interview.

Advertorial UCMTF To be seen @ ITM 2018 NSC FIBRE TO YARN Hall 3 Booth 315D NSC fibre to yarn continues to develop and propose Tow to Top lines with the model S200 of stretch breaker followed by the new model of defelter rebreaker model D5GC40 and GC40 chain gill. As finisher m/c, the FMV41/42 vertical rubbing frame takes place. Semi worsted lines with SW35 carding m/c card (2.5 m or 3.5 m wide), followed by preparation lines consisting of chain gills model GC 40 and finishers m/c model FMV41/42. NSC fibre to yarn proposes to modernize recycling lines for acrylic fibres or blended fibres by introducing its well-known combing machine ERA between card and gills drafting. A logistics for spare parts have been established with the BILGE/Automation company. LAROCHE After more than 40 years of experience in blending technology Laroche will notably introduce the new weighing hopper feeder, and the latest innovations in blending. The hottest topics are: used clothes recycling processes and acoustic insulation panels with Laroche Airlay technology. Laroche has been a strong partner for many major Turkish companies in the nonwoven and recycling industries for more than 30 years. ITM: Hall 3 Booth 313B HIGHTEX: Hall 9 Booth 904B Laroche provides a full range of engineering, development and support services for turnkey projects. In Cours-La Ville - France, a 2000 m² technical center equipped with the company’s latest technologies, allows to test and prove the technical solutions on industrial lines. Customers are welcome to use these facilities to develop their new products. SUPERBA Hall 2 Booth 212A Superba is the world leader in heat-setting and space-dyeing for carpet yarn, and member of the Vandewiele family of companies. With more than 150 TVP3 lines to heat-set carpet yarn and over 60 LV3 lines for Acrylic running in Turkey, Superba have established themselves as the benchmark in terms of quality for carpet yarn processing for all types of yarns (PET, PP, PA, PAN, Wool & blends). Recent developments are focused on the space-dyeing with the latest version of the MCD/3 machine capable to handle a layer of 72 ends with exclusive dyeing effects such as the bi-color printing or the tone-on-tone effect. The MCD/3 can space-dye with up to 6 colors, polyester or polyamide in combination with the TVP3 heatsetting line, but also acrylic fibers with the new high capacity DL/5 fixation line. The synergy and co-working with Vandewiele weaving or tufting machines offers now to the customers the possibility of new creations with a very efficient time-to-market. FIL CONTROL With their 3 major fields: yarn cutters, yarn break sensors and quality control equipment, Fil Control offers its customers and partners solutions to control the yarn. This is a key point to insure a reliable manufacturing process and a protection of the textile machine. Thanks to the skills and experience of their engineering department, in electronic, mechanic and design, Fil Control can answer to generic needs, but also to any kind of bespoken demands, by adapting or developing their products to answer to each specific application of their customers. A lot of the world’s famous textile machinery manufacturers already trust in Fil Control for many years. Hall 3 Booth 316C

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