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To be seen @ ITM 2018

To be seen @ ITM 2018 Advertorial UCMTF PETIT SPARE PARTS Petit has a consequent and permanent storage capacity of spare parts with more than 20 000 references multi brand for fine count textile machines especially for ICBT and looms for Saurer-Diederichs. An acknowledged know how with a wealth experience in the field of covering, texturizing, twisting. Petit is the specialist in the trade of accessories for textile machines. SPOOLEX GROUP CALEMARD, Converting equipment division of Spoolex Group All over the world, more than 2000 Calemard equipment converts various kinds of demanding materials into slit rolls or spools. In hygiene, with 38 Jumbo spooling lines in operation worldwide, the widest high-speed spooling line for ADL in the world and a fully automated Pegase 3 Spooling Cell in Asia, Spoolex Group confirms the world leading position of its Calemard machinery brand in providing spooling solutions for tension sensitive materials. Calemard machineries also include wide slitter-rewinders with state of the art technologies for high productivity and reliability, versatility and ergonomics with handling solutions and automation. DECOUP+, Ultrasonic cutting/sealing division of Spoolex Group On Spoolex’s ultrasonic area, Decoup+ brand proposes different cutting and sealing equipment, applicable at any stage of the production and converting process. From handheld devices for final make-up operations, to module to be integrated on weaving looms, stenters or off-line machines, Decoup+’s industrial range of proven solutions are specifically adapted to continuous operations. Hall 3 Booth 316C Hall 3 Booth 312 DOLLFUS & MULLER Dollfus & Muller, manufactures endless felts and dryer belts for the textile finishing factories: - compacting felts for knit finishing - sanforizing felts for denim and woven fabrics finishing - printing dryer belts for textile printing and digital printing - sublimation blankets for transfer printing Hall 10-22 FUAYE Booth F13 Dollfus & Muller introduced two years ago its improved compacting felt for knit finishing with major evolutions. The compacting felt quality brings a special care to the fabrics thanks to its smoothest surface, has an excellent guiding and the best compacting rate in relations with its new exclusive compacting felt design. The Dollfus & Muller sanforizing palmer felts are ideal for denim producers. Its proven durable sanfor Palmer felts are widely used all around the world including Turkey, especially by denim processing houses. The Dollfus & Muller Sanfor felts are recognised by most of the major machine makers as the best felts. Furthermore, Dollfus & Muller manufactures a wide range of print dryer belts for each application: for pigment printing of bed sheeting, for the production of fine fabrics, scarves, flags (these belts have special non-marking surfaces which can avoid as well the particles on the back side). The company manufactures many exclusive dryer belts for digital printing dryers. Dollfus & Muller has the widest range of printing dryer belts and the strongest dryer belts. Hall3 Booth 310A AESA AESA Air Engineering which supplies complete textile air engineering systems in order to maintain the required temperature and humidity adapted to each type of fiber (cotton, rayon, polyester, blends, wool, acrylic). Scope of supply ranges from simple textile air conditioning stations to turnkey textile air engineering projects, including centralized dust collectors, baling press systems, chiller and refrigeration plants, ducting and piping. Air engineering is very important for our Turkish customers.

65 PANORAMA Is ITM a major event for the French textile machinery manufacturers? Turkey has been for many years our second or third most important market and ITM is the major regional textile machinery exhibition, then it is a major event for us and it is also a very good opportunity to meet our customers at the highest level. One thing is striking for me: we have many similarities with our Turkish clients. We are SME’s, often family owned. We are run by entrepreneurs, exactly as our Turkish customers. Then it is easy to understand each other. Of course, we have to offer them the best machines. We do it, ITM, Fransız tekstil makineleri üreticileri için büyük bir etkinlik mi? Türkiye uzun yıllardan beri ikinci veya üçüncü önemli pazarımız ve ITM büyük bölgesel tekstil makinaları fuarıdır, haliyle bizim için de önemli bir etkinliktir ve müşterilerimizi en üst düzeyde karşılamak için de iyi bir fırsattır. Bir şey benim için çarpıcı: bizim Türk müşterilerimizle çok benzerliklerimiz var. Bizler genellikle aileye ait KOBİ’leriz. Türk müşterilerimiz gibi girişimciler tarafından işletiliyoruz. Böylelikle birbirimizi anlamamız kolaydır. Elbette onlara en iyi makineleri sunmak zorundayız. Bazı uzmanlıklarda dünya liderleri veya ortak as we are world leaders or co-leaders in some specialties. The stability of our teams (sales managers, technicians, agents and local representatives) allows our companies to go well beyond the purely technical and address the long-term objectives of our customers. As we are machinery and technology solution partners, our Turkish customers are very interested to work with us to implement innovative, “couture” solutions; they know that we deliver and erect the machines on time, give an excellent after sale service and deliver spare parts very efficiently. liderler olduğumuz için yapıyoruz. Ekiplerimizin (satış yöneticileri, teknisyenler, acenteler ve yerel temsilciler) istikrarı, şirketimizin tamamen tekniklerin ötesine geçmesine ve müşterilerimizin uzun vadeli hedeflerine hitap etmesine olanak tanır. Makine ve teknoloji çözüm ortakları olduğumuz için, Türk müşterilerimiz yenilikçi, “couture” çözümleri uygulamak için bizimle çalışmayı çok istiyorlar; makineleri zamanında teslim ettiğimizi ve kurduğumuzu, satış sonrası hizmeti mükemmelleştirdiğini ve yedek parçaların çok verimli bir şekilde teslim edildiğini biliyorlar. TEKSTİL & TEKNİK | NİSAN | APRIL | 2018

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