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84 ENGLISH KONFEKSİYON TEKNİK NİSAN | APRIL | 2018 The textile world is coming together at 3 major fairs This year’s ITM International Textile Machine Fair which is taking place on April 14- 17 is being organized through cooperation between the partnership of Tüyap and Teknik Fuarcılık A.Ş. and TEMSAD (Textile Machinery and Accessories Industrialists’ Association). The 15th International Istanbul Thread Fair, HIGHTEX 2018 International Technical Textiles & Nonwoven Fair and the 8th International Textile Conference being held at the same time as ITM 2018 will coverge under the same roof. The ITM 2018 Fair, which will turn into a show with the attendance of sector professionals, participant companies, the press and guests, will last for four days. Throughout the fair many textile machine leaders will launch new products. ITM 2018, the region’s most important textile technology show with many participants also has the feature of being an event where both domestic and foreign companies will have millions of Euros in sales and make many business connections. THE HIGH PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS OF THE THREAD SECTOR WILL BE EXHIBITED The 15th International Istanbul Thread Fair, which is being organized at the same time as the ITM 2018 International Textile Machine Fair at Tüyap will be bringing the textile industry to the doorstep of visitors as subjects that are closely related. The Istanbul Thread Fair, which continues to be one of the most important platforms guiding the thread trade in the globalizing world, is preparing to unite the latest technology innovations and newest products of thread producers in Turkey and the world with the textile sector. The largest producers of the thread industry will be exhibiting high performance and good quality products for four days at the Thread Fair, which will also be hosting sector representatives. This fair, which aims to focus on marketing activities for the thread sector to expand into new markets, will provide opportunities that can’t be missed for all professionals who want to feel the pulse of the sector and follow the innovations.

85 ENGLISH KONFEKSİYON TEKNİK NİSAN | APRIL | 2018 THE LARGEST MEETING OF THE MIDDLE EAST AND EASTERN EUROPE: HIGHTEX Another fair being organized simultaneously with ITM 2018 is the HIGHTEX 2018 International Technical Textiles & Nonwoven Fair being organized by Tüyap and Teknik Fuarcılık A.Ş. The HIGHTEX 2018 Fair also has the feature of being the first and only fair on its topic in Turkey. The introduction of textiles products like nonwoven, technical textiles, smart and state of the art technology developments, some of the most important markets for the textile sector that rapidly adapts to technological developments, will take place at the seventh HIGHTEX 2018 this year. The HIGH- TEX Fair, which will gather together Technical Textiles and Nonwoven raw materials, intermediary materials and end products, will be the largest meeting point for the Middle East and Eastern Europe. specialists, will take place simultaneously with the ITM 2018, Istanbul Thread Fair and HIGHTEX 2018. Academicians and specialists will be discussing the textile sector at the ETT 2018 Conference with the theme of “Innovations and the Current and Future Developments in Enterprises of the Traditional Textiles, Technical Textiles and Ready Garment Fields”. It is hoped that this conference, which is being organized to intensify and encourage cooperation, will contribute significantly to the textile industry. ACADEMICIANS AND SECTOR SPECIALISTS WILL MEET AT THE ETT 2018 CONFERENCE The ETT 2018 International Textile Conference, which is being organized for the eighth time this year by the Marmara University, will take place on April 14- 16, 2018 at the TÜYAP Fair and Conference Center. The conference, which will be enriched by the presentations of many academicians and sector

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