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Вінніпеґ Український № 14 (38) (April 2018)


КАЛЕНДАР ПОДІЙ CALENDAR OF EVENTS Щоб бути в курсі останніх подій, відвідайте наш сайт: Хочете додати Ваш івент в календар? Пишіть нам: КВІТЕНЬ APRIL SAT 14 16 Український Вінніпеґ - КВІТЕНЬ 2018 - WINNIPEG’S LARGEST Vesna zabava “PEROGY BASH” ($20) A celebration of spring, featuring bud’mo WHEN: April 14, 5pm - 11.30pm OPUS 2018 28 SAT WHERE: Holy Eucharist Hall (Adults: $15, 5-17: $5, 0-5: free) Presented by: O. Koshetz Choir, (460 Munroe Ave.) Sokol Polish Folk Ensemble, La WHEN: April 28, 6pm - 11pm chorale des Intrépides ($20) 29 SUN *Perogy Eating Contest *Crowing of the WHERE: Ukrainian Orthodox Church “Perogy King” and “Perogy Queen” WHEN: April 29, 3pm of All Saints (1500 Day St.) *Instruction in dancing “The Perogy WHERE: Westminster United Church Dance” *Music by the Ukrainian Old Timers *Radio personalities & Great opportunity foe EUBP families (745 Westminster Ave.) ТРАВЕНЬ celebrations! to gather and enjoy a live band! Tickets: (204) 663-5363 or Silent auction and great prizes! You are invited to partake in an afternoon (204) 586-8057 Tickets: (204) 799-5722 highlighting the diversity of music of the MAY (204) 294-6447 Polish, Ukrainian and French communities. The groups will perform music sung in their languages of origin and will also ANTYTILA concert unite for some massed choral посказ фільму: singing in several 4 FRI presented by “Second Chance” carpathia credit union languages. WHEN: May 6, 1:30 pm WHEN: May 19, 7 pm WHERE: Essence Ecent Centre WHERE: Пластова Домівка 5 SAT (2100 McPhillips St.) (623 Flora Avenue) Available at Kalyna Store and online. Луговоі про сиріт в Україні. Documentary film by Adrianna More info: Luhovy which raises awareness All ages welcome! about orphans in Ukraine. Admission: Tickets: early birds (before May 1st): $40, Організовано пластовим куренем after May 1st: $60, children under 15 y.o: $25 «Перелетні птиці». Документальний фільм Адріяни 6 19 SUN SAT donations 30 WED High Quality Granite and Marble Memorials Refurbishing Cleaning Leveling Adding Dates Traditional Sandblasting Computerized Designs Diamond and Laser Etchings " Receive your memory keepsake with purchase "


April 2018
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