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Travellive 4 - 2018

wheretothismonth 6

wheretothismonth 6 Æi”m Æ’n kh´ng th” b· qua trong th∏ng 5 6 MUST-VISIT DESTINATIONS THIS MAY VÔng cao T©y Bæc k˙ v‹ mÔa n≠Ìc ÆÊ, Ninh B◊nh Æãp m ho∆c vµo mÔa lÛa ch›n rÈ, ßµ NΩng lung linh trong sæc ph∏o hoa hay vÔng Ɔt Phan Rang næng gi„ trÎ nn m∏t lµnh vÌi mÔa nho ch›n... lµ nh˜ng n¨i bπn kh´ng th” b· qua khi ln k’ hoπch du lch trong n≠Ìc vµo th∏ng 5. N’u Æi du lch ra n≠Ìc ngoµi dp nµy, bπn nn ch‰n quËc Æ∂o Maldives ho∆c x¯ sÎ hoa anh Ƶo NhÀt B∂n. From sparkling rice terraces on the northwest highlands, to scenic Ninh Binh in the ripened rice season, to colorful Danang, and beautiful Phan Rang, those are some of the places we recommend you to travel to this May. If you have been to most of the destinations on this list, fly out of the country to the Maldives or amazing Japan for a totally different experience. Text: Bao Khuyen - Photos: Thanh Co, Tran Thuong, Hoang Bao 100 TRAVELLIVE

1 M£ HOÖC MùA L@A CHêN NINH BçNH Trµng An, Tam CËc - B›ch ßÈng sœ chinh phÙc du kh∏ch bÎi vŒ Æãp cÒa mÔa lÛa ch›n. MÔa lÛa ch›n Î Æ©y th≠Íng bæt Æ«u sÌm h¨n c∏c tÿnh thµnh kh∏c, kho∂ng cuËi th∏ng 5, Æ«u th∏ng 6. V◊ th’ muËn ngæm nh◊n c∏nh ÆÂng vµng r˘c, nÊi bÀt gi˜a rıng nÛi ranh ngÛt ngµn, bπn nn ghä vµo th∏ng 5 khi mÔa g∆t ch≠a tÌi, c∏nh ÆÂng lÛc nµy vµng „ng ∂ nh≠ b¯c tranh th´n d∑ vÔng Bæc BÈ. ßi trn dflng s´ng Ng´ ßÂng th¨ mÈng, qua c∏c d∑y nÛi Æ∏ v´i, bπn sœ no mæt khi ngæm nh◊n nh˜ng ruÈng lÛa hai bn Æ≠Íng. Tı trn cao, s´ng Ng´ ßÂng uËn l≠Ón qua c∏c thˆa ruÈng vµ qu«n th” nÛi Æ∏ v´i thÀt h˜u t◊nh. N’u Æi Trµng An, bπn Æıng qun ghä th®m n¨i phÙc d˘ng bËi c∂nh phim Kong, vÌi ng´i lµng thÊ d©n r†t †n t≠Óng Æ” Æ≠a vµo khung h◊nh selfie. DI CHUYÕN: Ninh B◊nh c∏ch Hµ NÈi chÿ 120 km nn bπn c„ th” Æi xe m∏y Æ’n Æ©y Æ” chÒ ÆÈng trong hµnh tr◊nh kh∏m ph∏ vÔng Ɔt c´ Æ´ Hoa L≠. Tı thµnh phË Ninh B◊nh, bπn di chuy”n Æ’n Tam CËc, sau Æ„ ghä b’n Æ V®n L©m Æi thuy“n d‰c s´ng Ng´ ßÂng ngæm tr‰n vãn c∏nh ÆÂng mÔa lÛa ch›n * ¬M TH#C: C∏c m„n ®n d©n d∑ ph∂i thˆ nh≠ nem Yn Mπc, cua ÆÂng rang l∏ lËt, x´i tr¯ng ki’n Nho Quan hay g·i c∏ nh÷ch Kim S¨n * MÉCH NHì: Bπn c„ th” dµnh 2 ngµy Æ” tham quan Ninh B◊nh vµ ngæm c∏nh ÆÂng lÛa ch›n, n’u Æi bªng xe m∏y tı Hµ NÈi. VISIT SCENIC NINH BINH IN RIPENED RICE SEASON The Trang An - Tam Coc - Bich Dong scenic complex of Ninh Binh, which has been featured in a number of films, becomes more splendid than ever during the ripened rice season. The region's ripened rice season usually starts earlier than other provinces, beginning at the end of May and early June. If you want to catch a glimpse of the yellow fields against the lush mountain backdrop, May is an ideal time for you to visit, just before the harvest. The scenery during this time of the year is truly breathtaking. Travel along the winding scenic Ngo Dong River to enjoy views of the limestone mountains and beautiful carpets of yellow rice. When in Trang An, do visit the amazing film location of the Kong: Skull Island. GET THERE: Ninh Binh is just 120 km from Hanoi, so you travel by motorbike or car to explore this beautiful region. From Ninh Binh City, travel to Tam Coc and stop at Van Lam Wharf to take a boat along the Ngo Dong River * EAT: Try Yen Mac sping rolls, crab with lolot leaves, Nho Quan sticky rice with ants' eggs, and Kim Son fish salad * TIP: You can spend 2 days to explore Ninh Binh and admire the rice fields. TRAVELLIVE 101