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Travellive 4 - 2018


NG¬N NG• TRõC VòN NHO CHêN MñNG PHAN RANG ßi”m Æ’n cho th∏ng 5 nµy dµnh cho nh˜ng ng≠Íi yu Phan Rang ch›nh lµ nh˜ng v≠Ín nho Æang vµo mÔa ch›n m‰ng. Lµ vÔng Ɔt kh´ cªn, Æ«y næng gi„ nh≠ng Phan Rang lπi s∂n sinh ra mÈt loπi tr∏i t≠¨i ngon, ng‰t lfim. Nho Phan Rang c„ th” t◊m mua Î h«u h’t c∏c siu thfi trn c∂ n≠Ìc nh≠ng ghä th®m n¨i nµy ÆÛng mÔa thu hoπch vµ ch‰n nh˜ng chÔm m‰ng n≠Ìc mang v“ chÿ c„ th” ghä vµo dfip cuËi th∏ng 4, Æ«u th∏ng 5. V≠Ín nho lÛc nµy lÛc lÿu nh˜ng chÔm qu∂ Æãp mæt, c„ nh˜ng giµn cfln n∆ng tr‹u qu∂. ß’n Phan Rang vµo mÔa nho ch›n, bπn cfln Æ≠Óc tr∂i nghi÷m thÛ vfi khi theo ch©n nh˜ng ng≠Íi n´ng d©n ra v≠Ín, cÔng h‰ thu hoπch. H‰ cfln chia sŒ vÌi bπn c∏ch ch®m s„c, cæt tÿa Æ” lu´n gi˜ Æ≠Óc chÔm nho nguyn vãn cho tÌi ngµy b∏n. DI CHUYÕN: Bπn c„ th” Æ’n Phan Rang bªng xe m∏y, ´t´ ring, xe kh∏ch, m∏y bay, tµu h·a xu†t ph∏t tı Hµ NÈi, TP.HCM hay ßµ NΩng. Tı trung t©m thµnh phË, bπn c„ th” Æi taxi Æ” tham quan v≠Ín nho Ba M‰i hay thu hoπch nho tπi v≠Ín nho Cµ ßÛ * ¬M TH#C: H∂i s∂n Î Phan Rang r†t t≠¨i ngon vµ gi∏ cÚng kh∏ rŒ. Ngoµi ra, bπn nn ®n thˆ b∏nh xÃo, b∏nh c®n. 2 PICK GRAPES IN PHAN RANG Another destination for you to visit this May is Phan Rang, where you can visit the vinyards and enjoy the ripe grapes. Despite being a dry land with a scorching climate, Phan Rang is home to beautiful juicy fruits. Phan Rang grapes can be found in most supermarkets across the country, but the finest quality fruits can only be found here at their source during the harvest season, when the succculent ripe fruits are freshly picked at the end of April and early May. This is the time of the year when the vinyards in Phan Rang produce the most beautiful-looking grapes. Come to Phan Rang during the grape harvest season, you can follow the farmers to the vinyards to pick the ripe grapes yourselves, and learn how the farmers keep their grapes fresh and looking perfect until selling. GET THERE: You can get to Phan Rang by plane, bus, train or motorbike from Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, and Danang. From Phan Rang city center, you can take a taxi to visit Ba Moi Vineyard or pick grapes at the Ca Du Vineyard * EAT: Fresh seafood in Phan Rang can be purchased at an affordable price. Try "b∏nh xÃo", "b∏nh c®n" and other delicious street foods. 102 TRAVELLIVE

3 THôNG NGOÑN T¢Y B¿C MùA NõC ߇ Th∏ng 5, khi nh˜ng c¨n m≠a Æ«u hπ bæt Æ«u ÆÊ xuËng, käo n≠Ìc tı th≠Óng nguÂn v“ cÚng lµ lÛc ruÈng bÀc thang T©y Bæc rÚ b· lÌp ∏o n©u buÂn tŒ suËt mÔa Æ´ng. LÛc nµy, c∏c thˆa ruÈng bÀc thang nh≠ nh˜ng ´ mµu l†p l∏nh n≠Ìc. B¯c tranh mµu n≠Ìc cÒa non cao khi th◊ mang sæc vµng cÒa næng mai, lÛc chuy”n sang mµu t›m cÒa Ɔt trÍi bing bi’c, lÛc lπi bµng bπc, „ng ∏nh Æ«y quy’n rÚ. MÔa n≠Ìc ÆÊ käo dµi tı th∏ng 5 sang th∏ng 6. ß©y ch›nh lµ lÛc nh˜ng tay m∏y ln Æ≠Íng. Ngoµi khung c∂nh thin nhin k˙ v‹ cfln c„ bao sinh hoπt ÆÍi th≠Íng lπ l…m cÒa ng≠Íi ÆÂng bµo vÔng cao. DI CHUYÕN: Tı Hµ NÈi, bπn c„ nhi“u l˘a ch‰n ph≠¨ng ti÷n di chuy”n nh≠ xe kh∏ch, xe m∏y ho∆c tµu h·a * ¬M TH#C: ß’n T©y Bæc, h∑y th≠Îng th¯c mÈt vµi m„n »m th˘c Æ∆c tr≠ng nh≠ thæng cË, uËng r≠Óu ng´ vµ nh©m nhi tht tr©u g∏c b’p. ß∆c bi÷t, bπn nn ®n thˆ b˜a s∏ng cÒa ng≠Íi d©n vÔng cao vÌi m„n x´i ngÚ sæc vµ b∏nh cuËn n„ng * MÉCH NHì: Bπn c„ th” dµnh thÍi gian tı 3 Æ’n 5 ngµy Æ” kh∏m ph∏ T©y Bæc. EXPLORE THE NORTHWEST REGION IN THE SEASON OF FALLING WATER May signals the beginning of summer when the rains start to pour, allowing water to flow downstream over the region's vast terraced rice fields, shaking off the brown coat of winter. It is the time of the year when the seemingly wild, dry fields begin to sparkle like watery mirrors, creating truly picturesque landscapes with glistening sunshine and a clear blue sky full of charm. The rainy season in the highlands takes place in May and June, making it the perfect time of the year for travelers to head up north to capture the amazing beauty of the highlands, its people, and their interesting daily lives. GET THERE: You can travel by bus, train, or motorbike EAT: Enjoy local cuisine such as "thæng cË" (a traditional dish made from horse meat and organs), corn wine, and smoked buffalo meat. For breakfast, try five-color sticky rice and b∏nh cuËn * TIP: You should spend at least 3 to 5 days to explore the northwest region. V≈ ßÄ NøNG THôNG TH`C "B~A TIåC" PHÉO HOA TrÎ thµnh t©m Æi”m cÒa du lfich mi“n Trung vµo dfip L‘ 30/4 vµ Æ«u hà vÌi L‘ hÈi Ph∏o hoa QuËc t’ ßµ NΩng 2018 (DIFF 2018) di‘n ra tı 30/4 Æ’n 30/6, ßµ NΩng lµ n¨i bπn nn Æ≠a vµo k’ hoπch du lfich trong n≠Ìc cÒa m◊nh trong th∏ng 5. DIFF 2018 quy tÙ 8 ÆÈi thi thuÈc hµng nh˜ng c≠Íng quËc v“ ph∏o hoa cÒa c∏c ch©u lÙc, gÂm Ba Lan, M¸, ThÙy ßi”n, HÂng K´ng, ≥, Ph∏p, B ߵo Nha vµ ÆÈi chÒ nhµ ßµ NΩng (Vi÷t Nam) h¯a hãn sœ mang Æ’n cho bπn mÈt "b˜a ti÷c" hoµnh tr∏ng cÒa ©m nhπc vµ ∏nh s∏ng khi Æm v“. Ngoµi ra, ban ngµy bπn c„ th” tham quan NgÚ Hµnh S¨n, b∏n Æ∂o S¨n Trµ, ln nÛi Bµ Nµ tÀn h≠Îng thÍi ti’t m∏t mŒ, d‘ chfiu nh≠ ßµ Lπt thu nh·. DI CHUYÕN: ßµ NΩng lµ trung t©m du lch lÌn cÒa mi“n Trung nn tı Hµ NÈi vµ TP.HCM, bπn Æ“u d‘ dµng Æ’n Æ©y bªng nhi“u ph≠¨ng ti÷n nh≠ m∏y bay, xe kh∏ch ho∆c tµu h·a * ¬M TH#C: ßıng b· qua c∏c m„n ®n Æ∆c s∂n x¯ Qu∂ng nh≠ m◊ Qu∂ng, bÛn mæm mm vµ g·i c∏ Nam * MÉCH NHì: VÌi ßµ NΩng, bπn chÿ c«n Î 4 ngµy lµ c„ th” tham quan h«u h’t c∏c Æi”m du lch ch›nh nh≠ b∏n Æ∂o S¨n Trµ, NgÚ Hµnh S¨n, ChÔa Linh `ng..., hay nËi sang HÈi An, th∏nh Æa M¸ S¨n. ENjOy DANANG'S FIREWORKS EVENT The Danang International Fireworks Festival 2018 (DIFF 2018) is taking place from April 30 to June 30, making this beautiful coastal city a perfect holiday destination this May. The DIFF 2018 brings together eight competing fireworks teams from all over the world, including Poland, the United States, Sweden, Hong Kong, Italy, France, Portugal, and the host city of Danang (Vietnam). You will get to enjoy not only spectacular fireworks performances, but also join a series of special events and activities. During the day, you can visit Ngu Hanh Son, Son Tra Peninsula, Ba Na Hill to enjoy the cool and pleasant weather. GET THERE: From Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, you can easily travel to Danang by plane, bus, or train * EAT: Try the region's specialty dishes such as Quang noodle and Nam - fish salad * TIP: You should spend 4 days to explore most tourist attractions in Danang such as Son Tra Peninsula, Ngu Hanh Son, Linh Ung Pagoda, or visit the nearby Hoi An and My Son. TRAVELLIVE 103

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