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Travellive 4 - 2018

Vinh shared, "Everyone

Vinh shared, "Everyone must pack for themselves before the trip. You learn how to be selfsufficient, and thorough in the process. Packing is key to your survival during each trip." Incredible routes On a journey from the North to the South of Vietnam, the group enjoyed breathtaking sceneries and had interesting experiences. What they get back from each trip were not only beautiful photos and footages, but also amazing experiences and unforgettable memories. Vinh's first trip was from Saigon to SÛc Trang, where he cycled along the coast, and crossed the famous estuaries of the Mekong Delta including Cˆa Ti”u, Cˆa ßπi, Cˆa Ba Lai, Cˆa Hµm Lu´ng, Cˆa CÊ Chin, Cˆa Cung H«u, Cˆa ßfinh An, and Cˆa Ba Thæc. Most of the roads are quite narrow, and only fit for bicycles and motorcycles. Detailed plans are neccessary to make a safe trip, which include choosing less frequented routes that offer beautiful scenes, and where camp sites are available if needed. Most importantly, these routes need to allow the group to travel at a slow pace. The first trip is always a trip filled with the most memories, and is often the most unforgettable. Vinh's second most memorable trip was to Hµ Giang, which he undertook September last year, a trip that Vinh could not contain his excitement for when mentioning it. He shared, "We spent our first night in ßÂng V®n, our second in LÚng CÛ, and our third in Yn Minh. For this trip, we split into several groups with the main group starting from Saigon to Hµ Giang, and ended their journey in the northwest region of Vietnam. Other groups joined along the way. Vinh only joined the group in Hµ Giang, and visited most of the famous northern spots including MÃo Vπc, M∑ P◊ LÃng Pass, ßÂng V®n Stone Plateau, LÚng CÛ, the home of H'mong King, and the home where Pao's Story was filmed in S∂ng Lµ, Yn Minh. Another trip which was still fresh in Vinh's mind was a trip that crossed Kh∏nh L Pass, which is situated between Nha Trang and Dalat, one of the steepest passes in the south of Vietnam. 114 TRAVELLIVE


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