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Travellive 4 - 2018

11 TRAVELLIVE The pass,

11 TRAVELLIVE The pass, which is 30 km long with continuous slopes, sits 50 m above the sea level, and at its peak, reachs the height of 1,700 m. "Kh∏nh L Pass is a challenge that most cyclists want to conquer since the landscapes here are absolutely stunning." You can find beautiful waterfalls, as well as lush mountains along the way. Vinh's group decided to rest over night in Dalat, when the local December temperature dropped down to 10 degrees. It was a remarkable experience, especially with the participation of a 10-year-old boy. Explore the northwest region Team ßπp ChÙp takes random trips, and plans only a few weeks ahead. The trips are often organized once a month or once every two months since most of the team members have a busy schedule with work. Besides touring trips, the team often goes on weekly rides around the city to keep fit and meet the team members. Vinh has cycled through many provinces from north to south, but one region he still dreams of exploring is the northwest. One particular route that takes you through Sapa - Yn Minh - MÔ C®ng Ch∂i - TÛ L÷, Vinh is on his list to visit in autumn during the rice harvest season before cycling to A Pa Ch∂i, the west end point of Vietnam. Green travel Traveling by bicycle is a fantastic way to combine sports, travel, leisure, and work. ßπp ChÙp does not usually spend an entire month to travel with the trips mostly taking place on the weekends. Cycling has been known to improve one's overal health, which explains why the team requires little training before embarking on each trip. A great thing about cycling is that you have control over the pace that you want to go at. If a team member gets tired, the whole team can either slow down or take more breaks. The average speed ranges from 15 to 20 km/h with a 10-minute break after each hour to rest, drink water, and wait for others to catch up while enjoying the immense beauty around. Cycling is definitely not a new way to travel, but its popularity is increasing among Vietnamese travelers who hope to raise

Don't leave anything behind except for you bike tracks and your image!, is a saying that ßπp ChÙp members often remind each other. awareness about both physical and mental health, as well as promote Vietnam's ecotourism. The key thing about cycling is that it is the only mode of transport that does not produce emissions into the environment. "Don't leave anything behind except for you bike tracks and your image!" is a saying that ßπp ChÙp members often remind each other. Members are encouraged to not use plastic straws, and always clean up after themselves. Regarding this eco form of traveling, people are often concerned about the cost, the time they must spend, and whether they are fit to go. Vinh shared, "The key is a resolution to overcome your own limits. In our trips, we have had a 10-year-old and a 70-year-old cyclists. Anyone can ride a bicycle. The time you spend riding a bike is pure exercise." Cycling offers fun, interesting experiences, and worthy friendships to all who join. Bicycles are an inexpensive way to travel. A few million dong can get you a reasonably good bike, and a 2-day and 3-night trip cost only from a few hundreds to a million dong. The great Russian writer Leo Tolstoy once said, "One of the first conditions of happiness is that the link between Man and Nature shall not be broken." We must always cherish and protect our environment. Vinh's and ßπp ChÙp's mission is to not only find enjoyment in the simple pleasure of cycling, but also leave behind a better world for future generations. Cycling is gaining popularity among Vietnamese travelers who hope to raise awareness about both physical and mental health, as well as promote Vietnam's ecotourism. TRANSPORT ñ Bicycles are the main form of transport, but not everyone can cycle from the south to the north of Vietnam. Most people join certain legs from province to province. You can first travel by bus with your bicycle, meet other team members at a designated place, cycle to a planned destination, and then, come back to where you started. BIKE MAINTENANCE ñ Each member must carry a bike repair kit, and back-up inner tubes. One must learn the how to repair their bike in the most basic ways, how to replace the inner tube for the tires, and pump the tires. For your own safety and to avoid troubles during your trip, you should have your bike maintained before you go. FOOD ñ The interesting thing about traveling by bike is that you sneak your way into the narrowest corners of a city to try the local food. If sleeping in a tent, your should bring packaged foods for added convenience. Also bring some snacks to eat on the road, if for some reason, you can't find a place to stop or eat. FITNESS LEVEL ñ Traveling by bike is open to all ages, genders, and people with any kind of job as long as you have a passion for cycling and green travel. TRAVELLIVE 11

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