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Travellive 4 - 2018

hi-tech Bµi: Ng‰c Anh

hi-tech Bµi: Ng‰c Anh Vi vu hà vÌi nh˜ng ti÷n ›ch c´ng ngh÷ mÌi nh†t Best gadgets for summer travel Hà v“ b∏o hi÷u mÈt mÔa du lch s´i ÆÈng, ngÀp trµn ∏nh næng. Vi÷c chu»n b k¸ l≠Ïng nh˜ng vÀt dÙng phÔ hÓp vÌi thÍi ti’t, Æ∆c Æi”m Æa h◊nh tπi Æi”m Æ’n sœ giÛp bπn vµ gia Æ◊nh tÀn h≠Îng k˙ nghÿ hà tho∂i m∏i vµ giµu c∂m xÛc h¨n. Summer is approaching and you had better get ready for a travel season to be filled with sunshine. Pack wisely and bring items accordingly to your destination's weather and terrains to ensure you and your family enjoy a relaxing and enjoyable summer vacation. 12 TRAVELLIVE

ߤNG H¤ THEO DîI S`C KHìE fITbIT IoNIC S¯c kh·e lµ y’u tË quan tr‰ng, quy’t Ænh ch†t l≠Óng cÒa c∂ hµnh tr◊nh du lch. Nhªm hÁ trÓ bπn theo d‚i s¯c kh·e cÒa m◊nh, Fitbit Ionic Æ≠Óc thi’t k’ kh∏ nÊi bÀt trong dng s∂n ph»m ÆÂng h th´ng minh, lµ trÓ thÒ Ææc l˘c cÒa bπn. M∆t d≠Ìi ÆÂng h lµ h÷ thËng c∂m bi’n Æ≠Óc thi’t k’ lÂi giÛp Æo chÿ sË s¯c kh·e cÒa ng≠Íi Æeo mÈt c∏ch ch›nh x∏c. N„ Æ≠Óc trang b nh˜ng c´ng ngh÷ kh´ng nhi“u smartwatch c„, Æ„ lµ c∂m bi’n nhp tim PurePulse vµ mæt Ɖc chÿ sË b∑o ha oxy Sp02. C∏c d˜ li÷u Æo Æ≠Óc cho phäp ng≠Íi dÔng bi’t Æ≠Óc m¯c ÆÈ luy÷n tÀp, thÍi gian cÚng nh≠ ch†t l≠Óng gi†c ngÒ, s¯c kh·e tim mπch vµ c∂ nhp thÎ cÒa m◊nh. S∂n ph»m c„ gi∏ kho∂ng 6.800.000 VNß. fITbIT IoNIC SmarTWaTCH Health has always been an important factor during travel and, in fact, can decide the quality of your trip. Fitbit Ionic is a smartwatch with a stunning design that tracks all your steps, travel distance, and even your heart rate throughout the day. The Fitbit Ionic is equipped with a convexly designed sensor system to make the most accurate measurements. Fitbit's PurePulse heart rate sensor has been upgraded, in addtion to a new tri-wave sensor that tracks relative Sp02 (or oxygen saturation) to monitor oxygen levels in your blood. Users can easily track their level of exercise, time, sleep quality, heart rate, and respiratory rate. All that data is synced to the Fitbit app on your phone. The Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch is priced at 6,800,000 VND. gÜY SeLfIe fUgeTeK GÀy selfie Fugetek c„ ph«n gi∏ ÆÏ chæc chæn phÔ hÓp vÌi c∂ smartphone vµ m∏y ∂nh sË. G≠¨ng ph∂n chi’u cho phäp selfie bªng camera sau vÌi ch†t l≠Óng cao. Trong khi Æ„, c∏c t›nh n®ng zoom Î c´ng tæc cho phäp Æi“u chÿnh g„c ∂nh. GÀy c„ ÆÈ dµi linh hoπt tı 42-123 cm, Æ∂m b∂o mang lπi g„c chÙp hµi lng cho m‰i ng≠Íi dÔng. Chi’c gÀy nµy t≠¨ng th›ch vÌi t†t c∂ c∏c thi’t b iOS vµ Android, GoPro vµ m∏y ∂nh k¸ thuÀt sË. S∂n ph»m c„ gi∏ kho∂ng 400.000 VNß. fUgeTeK SeLfIe STICK The Fugetek Selfie Stick has an extendable pole with multiple clamps to provide secure pole extension for your smartphone or digital camera. It also features a mirror mount to let you use your phone's rear HD camera. The zoom feature at the switch allows you to adjust the angle that you want. The stick's flexible length of 42-123 cm can ensure everyone is included in the picture. The Fugetek is compatible with all ioS and Android devices, GoPro, and digital cameras. The Fugetek Selfies Stick is priced at 400,000 VND. ßIåN THoÑI HUaWeI Nova 2I Nhªm n©ng cao tr∂i nghi÷m cÒa ng≠Íi dÔng, Huawei nova 2i ch›nh th¯c Æ≠Óc cÀp nhÀt hai t›nh n®ng mÌi: mÎ kh„a bªng g≠¨ng m∆t (Face Unlock) vµ Ëng k›nh t›ch hÓp c´ng ngh÷ AR (AR Selfie). T›nh n®ng Face Unlock cho phäp nhÀn di÷n g≠¨ng m∆t vµ mÎ kh„a chÿ trong mili gi©y, mang lπi cho ng≠Íi dÔng tr∂i nghi÷m mÌi, Æ«y h˜u ›ch, Æ∆c bi÷t lµ khi tay Æang ≠Ìt, kh´ng th” mÎ kh„a bªng c∏ch th´ng th≠Íng nh≠ mÎ bªng v©n tay, nhÀp mÀt m∑,... T›ch hÓp bÈ Æ´i camera käp vÌi hai camera ph›a tr≠Ìc, Huawei nova 2i mang Æ’n nh˜ng b¯c h◊nh c„ mµu sæc r˘c rÏ vµ ch’ ÆÈ x„a ph´ng tËt. Bªng Ëng k›nh AR mÌi, ng≠Íi dÔng c„ th” tÔy bi’n l˘a ch‰n nhi“u ph´ng n“n kh∏c nhau cho b¯c ∂nh tÔy vµo sÎ th›ch vµ s˘ s∏ng tπo cÒa m◊nh. S∂n ph»m c„ gi∏ kho∂ng 6.000.000 ÆÂng. HUaWeI Nova 2I The Huawei Nova 2i has been upgraded with two new features, Face unlock and AR Selfie to bring users a new level of fun with their photographs. The Face unlock feature on the Nova 2i can quickly recognize your facial features, and unlocks the screen within milliseconds, which comes in especially handy when your hands are wet, and you are unable to unlock your phone with your fingerprint or password. A fun AR lens selfie feature is now intergrated into the upgrade phone. The Huawei Nova 2i is equipped with four cameras, two of which are front-facing camera to capture brilliant colors and create a blurry background. With the new AR lens, users can now be more creative than ever before with selfie photographs using different fun effects. The Huawie Nova 2i is priced at 6,000,000 VND. TRAVELLIVE 12

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