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Travellive 4 - 2018

Loa bLUeTooTH Ue boom 2

Loa bLUeTooTH Ue boom 2 Kh´ng chÿ c„ thi’t k’ nh· g‰n, tinh t’ bæt mæt mµ loa UE Boom 2 cho phäp bπn mang ©m nhπc Æ’n b†t k˙ n¨i Æ©u vÌi kh∂ n®ng chËng n≠Ìc Æπt chu»n chËng n≠Ìc IPX7, t¯c lµ c„ th” ng©m n≠Ìc Î ÆÈ s©u 1m trong 30 phÛt , UE Boom 2 cÚng c„ th” chu Æ≠Óc nh˜ng cÛ r¨i tı ÆÈ cao 1,5 m, g«n nh≠ Æ∑ chπm ng≠Ïng "siu b“n". Ng≠Íi dÔng c„ th” t˘ tin mang theo UE Boom 2 ra b∑i bi”n, b” b¨i, vµo c∏c chuy’n Æi d∑ ngoπi vÌi m‰i Æa h◊nh thÍi ti’t khæc nghi÷p nh†t. UE BOOM 2 Æ≠Óc thi’t k’ Æ” chu »m, ≠Ìt, bÔn b»n vµ va ÆÀp. N„ Æ≠Óc lµm tı nh˜ng vÀt li÷u tËt nh†t, giÛp chËng n≠Ìc, chËng bÙi, chËng shock hi÷u qu∂. Loa c„ thÍi l≠Óng pin r†t Æ∏ng n” lµ 15 ti’ng ch¨i nhπc lin tÙc (volume Î m¯c trung b◊nh), phπm vi k’t nËi bluetooth chu»n atpX 4.0 lµ 10 m. S∂n ph»m c„ gi∏ kho∂ng 3.600.000 VNß. LogITeCH Ue boom 2 bLUeTooTH SPeaKer With a compact and stylish design, the Ue Boom 2 lets you listen to your music anywhere. The bluetooth speaker has an IPX7 waterproof rating, which means you can leave it submerged in one-meter of water for 30 minutes and it will still work. The Ue Boom 2 is also shock-resistant, and can be dropped from a 1.5 meter height without ill effect, making it super durable and a perfect speaker to bring to the beach, swimming pool, or field trips where conditions might be less than favorable for more conventional speakers. The Ue Boom 2 is made from the highest-quality materials to make it last against water, dust, and impact. The speaker has a remarkable battery life of 15 hours of continuous music playback (average volume), and a standard bluetooth connection range atpX 4.0 of 10 m. The UE Boom 2 is priced at 3,600,000 VND. 12 TRAVELLIVE

LaPToP 2 TroNg 1 HP SPeCTre X360 VÌi vi÷c cho phäp chÿnh sˆa ∂nh, cæt ghäp video, xˆ l˝ c´ng vi÷c ÆÈt xu†t cÔng h÷ thËng ©m thanh tuy÷t h∂o, ki”u d∏ng thÍi th≠Óng, k›ch cÏ g‰n nhã,... HP Spectre x360 lµ s˘ l˘a ch‰n th›ch hÓp cho nh˜ng chuy’n Æi xa trong mÔa hà nµy. HP Spectre X360 c„ th” Æ≠Óc sˆ dÙng nh≠ mÈt chi’c m∏y t›nh b∂ng kÃm bÛt, phÙc vÙ c∏c nhu c«u c´ng vi÷c vµ gi∂i tr› kh∏c nhau mÈt c∏ch linh hoπt, ÆÂng thÍi d‘ dµng mang theo bn m◊nh m‰i lÛc m‰i n¨i. VÌi HP Spectre X360, bπn c„ th” t◊m ki’m nh˜ng Æi”m Æ’n l˝ t≠Îng, kh∏ch sπn phÔ hÓp trn Microsoft Edge, d‘ dµng tra c¯u b∂n ÆÂ,... ß∆c bi÷t, s˘ hÓp t∏c cÒa HP vÌi Bang & Olufsen cung c†p tr∂i nghi÷m ©m thanh tËi ≠u Î b†t c¯ ch’ ÆÈ nµo, cÔng thÍi l≠Óng pin †n t≠Óng 8 ti’ng 36 phÛt dÔng lin tÙc qua wi-fi, Æ©y lµ m„n Æ c´ng ngh÷ kh´ng th” thi’u cho nh˜ng chuy’n Æi xa. S∂n ph»m c„ gi∏ tı 29.000.000 - 39.000.000 VNß. HP SPeCTer X360: 2IN1 LaPToP From photo editing and video editing, to an excellent sound system, along with a stylish design, and a compact size, the HP Specter x360 is an essential travel companion for your long summer trips. The HP Specter x360 is a sleek, versatile, travel-friendly convertible laptop that performs admirably for both business and leisure needs. The whole desirable package gives you a laptop that you'll want to bring about just anywhere with you. With the HP Specter x360, you can easily search for your favorite destinations, and accommodations using Microsoft edge. The Stylus Active Pen enables you to nagivate more accurately on the touchscreen when using Sketchpad, not to mention the Windows Photos Inking, which allows you to take great photos with your family and friends. HP's partnership with Bang & olufsen offers the ultimate audio experience in any mode, along with an impressive 8-hour battery life of continuous use over wi-fi, making the HP Specter x360 an indispensable item for your travels. The HP Specter x360 is priced at 29,000,000 - 39,000,000 VND. CaSe ßIåN THoÑI CHˇNG NõC Bi”n xanh, c∏t træng lµ kh´ng gian Æ≠Óc ≠a chuÈng nh†t cho c∏c chuy’n du lch hÃ. H∑y tham kh∂o m…u Ëp l≠ng Lunatik Aquatik c„ kh∂ n®ng chËng n≠Ìc, chËng bÙi vµ chËng chu c∏c Æi“u ki÷n thÍi ti’t kh∏c nhau. ˇp c„ 4 b∂n mµu c¨ b∂n. ß∆c bi÷t, chi’c Ëp l≠ng nµy Æ≠Óc thi’t k’ Æ” kh´ng lµm ∂nh h≠Îng Æ’n ch†t l≠Óng ©m thanh ph∏t bªng loa ngoµi cÒa m∏y khi sˆ dÙng. ß©y lµ m…u Ëp l˝ t≠Îng Æ” bπn tho∂i m∏i mang theo trong chuy’n Æi bi”n sæp tÌi mµ kh´ng sÓ n≠Ìc vµo lµm h·ng m∏y. Ti’c lµ thi’t k’ nµy mÌi chÿ ∏p dÙng cho c∏c phin b∂n Iphone. S∂n ph»m c„ gi∏ kho∂ng 500.000 VNß. WaTerProof PHoNe CaSe The Lunatik Aquatik is arguably the best looking and sleekest waterproof iPhone case out there. It is also dustproof, and resistant to various weather conditions. The Aquatik comes in with 4 basic colors, and does not affect the sound quality of the phone's outer speaker when in use. The Aquatik is a must-have phone case for your summer beach vacations. Unfortunately, the design is only compatible with iPhones. The Lunatik Aquatik is priced at 500,000 VND. APP TçM ßëA ßIÕM °N UˇNG TR£N ßIåN THoÑI foodSPoTTINg Foodspotting lµ ¯ng dÙng Æi÷n thoπi giÛp ng≠Íi dÔng t◊m ra nh˜ng Æi”m ®n uËng g«n nh†t. Sau khi Æ®ng nhÀp vµ Ænh v v tr› ng≠Íi dÔng, chÿ sau 2 gi©y, Foodspotting sœ li÷t k h◊nh ∂nh c∏c m„n ®n cÙ th” vÌi Æa chÿ bn d≠Ìi, kÃm theo lÍi nhÀn xät, n’u c„. Giao di÷n ≠u tin cho h◊nh ∂nh khi’n vi÷c l≠Ìt Æ” l˘a ch‰n m„n ®n th›ch hÓp trÎ nn d‘ dµng. Ng≠Íi dÔng cÚng c„ th” t˘ Æ®ng t∂i h◊nh ∂nh c∏c m„n ®n vµ Æ∏nh gi∏ c∏ nh©n cÒa m◊nh ln Foodspotting. `ng dÙng Æ≠Óc hÁ trÓ mi‘n ph› trn h÷ Æi“u hµnh Android vµ IOS. foodSPoTTINg aPP Foodspotting is a phone app that allows you to find your nearest eating spots. After you have logged in and your current position located, it takes only 2 seconds for Foodspotting to list specific dishes with addresses and ratings or comments. The app's image-focused interface allows users to make their food choices easier than ever. Users can also upload their own food pictures, and write personal reviews on Foodspotting. The Foodspotting app is available for free on Android and iOS devices. TRAVELLIVE 12

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