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Travellive 4 - 2018

134 MÁi loπi th˘c

134 MÁi loπi th˘c ph»m sœ c„ c∏ch ch’ bi’n kh∏c nhau, mÁi vÔng Ɔt sœ cho ra ÆÍi nh˜ng phong v »m th˘c ring bi÷t. Nhæc Æ’n »m th˘c @c, du kh∏ch sœ nhÌ ngay Æ’n quËc gia c„ n“n »m th˘c s∏ng tπo d˘a trn c∏c m„n ®n truy“n thËng cÒa quËc gia kh∏c. TRAVELLIVE ¬M TH#C @C KHÉC BIåT T\ NH~NG Bµi: B∂o Khuyn Ånh: TÊng l∑nh s˘ qu∏n @c cung c†p Website: BI⁄N TƒU ¬m th˘c @c hµi hfla vµ phong phÛ, hÈi tÙ kh»u vfi Æa dπng cÒa nhi“u quËc gia trn th’ giÌi. Trong »m th˘c, ng≠Íi @c chÛ tr‰ng nh†t lµ nguyn li÷u, th¯ Æ’n lµ c∏ch ch’ bi’n khäo läo, s∏ng tπo cÒa ng≠Íi Æ«u b’p, cuËi cÔng mÌi lµ c∏ch bµi tr›. ßËi vÌi h‰, mÁi m„n ®n Æ“u Æ≠Óc ch®m chÛt tÿ mÿ nhªm tπo ra h≠¨ng vfi Æ∆c sæc, tı khai vfi Æ’n tr∏ng mi÷ng. Ng≠Íi @c ≠a chuÈng b˜a s∏ng muÈn theo ki”u Anh vÌi b∏nh m˙ Damper - m„n b∏nh Æ∆c tr≠ng cÒa ng≠Íi thÊ d©n @c. B∏nh Damper Æ≠Óc lµm tı bÈt m˙ vµ n≠Ìng tr˘c ti’p trn lˆa. B∏nh c„ vfi lπt, Æ≠Óc ®n kÃm vÌi c∏c loπi m¯t hay dÔng chung vÌi trµ vµ c∏c loπi thfit. V◊ s˘ phÊ bi’n cÒa m„n b∏nh nµy mµ ng≠Íi @c "c∏ch t©n" n„ bªng c∏ch trÈn thm nhi“u loπi hπt vµo b∏nh khi’n b∏nh c„ vfi bÔi bÔi, d‘ th≠Îng th¯c. ¬m th˘c @c cfln c„ hai loπi b∏nh quËc hÂn quËc tÛy Lamington vµ Pavlova. VÌi c´ng th¯c lµm b∏nh ƨn gi∂n, m„n b∏nh Pavlova th≠Íng Æ≠Óc phÙc vÙ cho c∏c dfip l‘. ß©y cÚng lµ m„n b∏nh yu th›ch trong mÔa hà m∆c dÔ Æ≠Óc c∏c gia Æ◊nh ng≠Íi @c ®n quanh n®m. VÌi m„n b∏nh Lamington, ng≠Íi @c t˘ hµo Æ’n m¯c ch›nh phÒ @c Æ∑ ch‰n ngµy 21/7 hµng n®m lµ ngµy b∏nh Lamington. Ng≠Íi @c Æ∆c bi÷t th›ch h≠¨ng vfi t˘ nhin cÒa nguyn li÷u nn khi ch’ bi’n, h‰ th≠Íng Æi“u ti’t sao cho m„n ®n Æ„ chÿ c«n sˆ dÙng ›t gia vfi nh†t Æ” kh´ng lµm m†t Æi vfi t≠¨i ngon vËn c„. N’u Æ∑ tıng th≠Îng th¯c »m th˘c @c, bπn sœ nhÀn ra rªng c∏c m„n ®n Î x¯ sÎ nµy th≠Íng kh´ng qu∏ cay, kh´ng qu∏ ng‰t cÚng kh´ng qu∏ ch›n. Chºng hπn, c∏c m„n n≠Ìng tı thfit cıu, thfit kangaroo chÿ Æ≠Óc ≠Ìp mÈt chÛt muËi vµ mÈt x›u tiu. ß∆c bi÷t, khi n≠Ìng c∏c loπi thfit, Æ«u b’p lu´n n≠Ìng t∏i Æ” gi˜ Æ≠Óc vfi ng‰t cÒa thfit. Khi »m th˘c @c Æ≠Óc Æ≠a tÌi Vi÷t Nam, h‰ th›ch sˆ dÙng gia vfi Vi÷t Æ” ≠Ìp c∏c m„n n≠Ìng. V› dÙ, h‰ sœ dÔng chao, n≠Ìc mæm, mÀt ong tπo ra mÈt loπi n≠Ìc sËt mÌi mang h≠¨ng vfi Vi÷t Æ” n≠Ìng thfit cıu @c hay thfit bfl @c. H‰ coi Æ„ nh≠ mÈt s˘ giao thoa »m th˘c v´ cÔng tinh t’ vµ hÓp kh»u vfi vÌi ng≠Íi d©n c∂ hai n≠Ìc. "C∏ hÂi hun kh„i t˘ ch’ vÌi l∏ rocket", "thfit Kangaroo n≠Ìng vÌi r≠Óu vang Æ·" hay "thfit bfl @c n≠Ìng vÌi sËt ph´ mai xanh"... nh˜ng m„n n≠Ìng th≠Íng Æ≠Óc bi’t Æ’n trong c∏c s˘ ki÷n »m th˘c @c nh≠ng khi Æ’n Vi÷t Nam, h‰ c„ thm m„n "cıu n†u chao" v´ cÔng †n t≠Óng. MÈt m„n ®n thÛ vfi kh∏c cÒa »m th˘c @c lµ Bush Tucker - m„n ®n truy“n thËng cÒa ng≠Íi b∂n Æfia Æ≠Óc ch’ bi’n tı nhi“u loπi th∂o mÈc nh≠ c©y c·, ÆÀu hoang, cµ chua hoang, mÀn hoang. M„n ®n Æ≠Óc k’t hÓp vÌi thfit rıng, c„ khi lµ s©u nhÈng, tπo ra h≠¨ng vfi ÆÀm Ƶ v´ cÔng h†p d…n. N’u bπn muËn tr∂i nghi÷m phong vfi »m th˘c @c vµ kh∏m ph∏ thm v“ con ng≠Íi, v®n h„a cÒa Ɔt n≠Ìc t≠¨i Æãp nµy, bπn c„ th” tham gia th∏ng »m th˘c @c tπi TP. HCM, Hµ NÈi, Nha Trang vµ ßµ NΩng qua ch≠¨ng tr◊nh Taste of Australia. Ch≠¨ng tr◊nh käo dµi Æ’n h’t th∏ng 4 nµy.

food&beverage THE HARMONIOUS and rich flavors of Australian cuisine borrow from the diverse palates of many cultures. Australians place a high importance firstly on the ingredients, secondly the method of cooking, thirdly the cook's creation, and lastly, on the presentation of the dish. Each dish is meticulously prepared to create a distinctive taste from appetizer to dessert. Australians loves a good brunch in the English style with damper, an Australian soda bread made of wheat flour, and traditionally cooked by people in the bush on a camp fire. Damper is eaten across the country, and is to be enjoyed with jams and tea or cooked meat. They also like adding seeds to the bread to create a wide variety to this much loved bread. Lamington and pavlova are two not to be missed desserts in Australia. With a simple recipe, pavlova is a meringue-based dessert frequently served during celebrations and holiday meals. The dessert is a summer favorite for Australians, and is eaten all year round. Lamingtons, cakes of Australian origin, are made from squares of butter cake or sponge cake coated in a layer of chocolate sauce and rolled in dried coconut. The dessert is so popular that July 21 is designated as National Lamington Day in Australia. Australians prefer to keep the original flavor of the ingredients, and therefore they often use the least amount of spices possible when cooking to avoid losing their natural taste. Australian dishes are usually made moderately in terms of flavor without being too spicy, too sweet, or too cooked. One example is the roast lamb or kangaroo, which is marinated with only a pinch of salt and pepper. Steaks are often cooked to medium to retain the natural flavor of the meat. Vietnamese spices, including fermented bean curd, fish sauce, and honey, have been added into Australian cuisine to bring a new and completely exotic flavor to Australian lamb and beef steaks. This interesting culinary fusion has been well received by both countries. "Smoked salmon and rocket salad", "kangaroo steak in red wine sauce", and "beef tenderloin with blue cheese sauce" are the most commonly known Australian dishes at culinary events across Vietnam. "Lamb with fermented bean curd" is a new creation, well-liked by diners. Another distinct Australian dish is bush tucker, a name for any food native to Australia that uses ingredients from indigenous plants, seeds, tomatoes, and plums. The food is often cooked with game meat, or sometimes grubs and insects, to create a strongly unique taste. Taste of Australia is an annual event held across Vietnam in April to celebrate Australian food, beverage, and cuisine. This month-long event is a wonderful opportunity for you to come and experience Australian culinary delights. Food is prepared differently in different parts of the world with each nation having their own unique culinary taste. Australia is a country known for their creative adaptations of cuisine with significant multicultural influences. TRAVELLIVE 135

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