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Travellive 4 - 2018

ßæt Æ· vµ hi’m

ßæt Æ· vµ hi’m hoi ß” sÎ h˜u mÈt c®n penthouse vÌi nh˜ng ti÷n nghi sang ch∂nh Æ’n vÀy th◊ d‹ nhin chÒ nh©n sœ ph∂i chi ra mÈt kho∂n cÚng Æ∏ng kinh ngπc kh´ng käm. Gi∏ trfi cÒa chÛng kh´ng t›nh bªng tri÷u USD mµ ph∂i t›nh bªng hµng chÙc tÌi hµng tr®m tri÷u USD. Nªm trn Æÿnh cÒa tfla nhµ Tour Odeon (Monaco), Million Sky Penthouse gÂm 5 t«ng l«u vµ rÈng 3.000m 2 lµ c®n penthouse Ææt nh†t th’ giÌi hi÷n nay, trfi gi∏ 387 tri÷u USD. C®n hÈ c„ thi’t k’ gÂm ›t nh†t 5 phflng ngÒ, mÁi phflng nªm Î mÁi t«ng kh∏c nhau. N¨i nµy cÚng c„ mÈt t«ng dµnh Æ” tÀp nh∂y vµ hai h b¨i trn hai t«ng kh∏c nhau, th´ng nhau bªng mÈt Æ≠Íng tr≠Ót n≠Ìc. ß∆c bi÷t, tı vfi tr› trn cao cÒa Monaco, bπn c„ th” th≠Îng th¯c quang c∂nh cÒa French Riviera. MÈt penthouse kh∏c nªm trn Æÿnh tfla th∏p Î sË 220 Central Park South (New York) trfi gi∏ 250 tri÷u USD gÂm 4 t«ng l«u vµ c„ 5 ban c´ng nh◊n ra phong c∂nh tuy÷t Æãp cÒa c´ng vin Trung t©m - Central Park. VÌi 16 phflng ngÒ vµ 17 nhµ tæm, c®n hÈ nµy c„ nhi“u kh´ng gian Æ’n m¯c khi’n bπn kh´ng bi’t ph∂i ch‰n n¨i nµo Æ” ngÒ hay th≠ gi∑n. ßæt Æ· Æ’n vÀy nh≠ng ÆËi vÌi mÈt sË ng≠Íi th›ch ch¨i sang th◊ nh˜ng c®n penthouse nµy c„ s¯c h†p d…n thÀt kh„ c≠Ïng. BÎi kh´ng chÿ sÎ h˜u kh´ng gian sËng ti÷n nghi th≠Óng ƺng Æ≠Óc thi’t k’ nh≠ hfla vµo vÌi thi’t nhin, chÛng cfln c„ vfi tr› ÆÈc Æ∏o Î gi˜a t«ng kh´ng, n¨i chÒ nh©n c„ th” Æ≠a t«m mæt nh◊n ngæm c∂ th’ giÌi thu nh· ngay d≠Ìi ch©n m◊nh. Bn cπnh Æ„, dÔ Î thµnh phË nµo th◊ sË l≠Óng penthouse Æ≠Óc x©y d˘ng cÚng c˘c k˙ hi’m hoi bÎi kh´ng ph∂i toµ nhµ cao t«ng nµo cÚng Æ∏p ¯ng ÆÒ Æi“u ki÷n Æ” thi’t k’ mÈt c®n penthouse trn t«ng n„c. S˘ khan hi’m nµy khi’n gi∏ trfi cÒa penthouse cµng Æ≠Óc n©ng t«m vµ buÈc nh˜ng ng≠Íi muËn sÎ h˜u chÛng ph∂i lao vµo cuÈc Æua kh´ng käm ph«n khËc li÷t. VÌi t†t c∂ nh˜ng tiu ch› hµng Æ«u †y, penthouse giÍ Æ©y lµ bi”u t≠Óng sËng ÆÈng v“ vfi th’, ÆÈ chfiu ch¨i, gu th»m m¸ vµ s˘ giµu c„ cÒa giÌi siu giµu. 44 TRAVELLIVE

To own a penthouse with the most luxurious of features, buyers often have to spend tremendous amounts of money to purchase them. The cost of a city penthouse could be up to hundreds of millions of US dollars. Located on the top floor of the Odeon Tower in Monaco is the Million Sky Penthouse, which has 5 floors over a space of 3,000m 2 is currently the world's most expensive penthouse, and is valued at 387 million USD. The penthouse features 5 bedrooms on all 5 levels, a ballroom on an entire floor, and two swimming pools on two different floors connected by a water slide. From the penthouse's gorgeous rooftop, you can enjoy amazing views of the French Riviera. Another penthouse located on the top floor of 220 Central Park South in New York City is worth 250 million USD, which includes 4 floors and 5 balconies overlooking the stunning Central Park. With 16 bedrooms and 17 bathrooms, this apartment has so much space that you will have a hard time choosing where to sleep or relax. As expensive as these penthouses can be, they are much sought after by the most wealthy since they can provide not only an extravagant living space with elements from nature, but also an unique location high up in the sky, and above noisy and crowded urban life where owners can enjoy breathtaking views of the world below them. The number of penthouses is, however, rather low since not all high-rise buildings can be built with a penthouse on top. This scarcity makes penthouses the most expensive apartments in the market, and forces those who want to own them into a fierce race. Penthouses have always reflected the status, style, and wealth of the super-rich. TRAVELLIVE 4