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Travellive 4 - 2018

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travel T e x t a n d p h o t o s : L y T h a n h C o A day is probably all you need to explore all of Denmark's capital. Let us follow the steps of travel blogger Ly Thanh Co on a beautiful sunny day to visit Copenhagen's most popular attrations and less frequented places around the city. 4 TRAVELLIVE

ExploRE NyhavN, thE film loCatioN of "thE DaNish GiRl" it is easy to recognize the stunning backdrops of Nyhavn from the Oscarwinning movie "The Danish Girl". Nyhavn, which means "New Harbor" in Danish, is one of the most iconic places in Copenhagen, and was once known for its maritime life. The historic habor is lined with brightly colored townhouses on the northern side or "sunny side" featuring numerous restaurants, beer taverns, and even strip clubs, while the southern side or "shady side" is filled with tourism offices and bicycle rental shops. The Nyhavn Bridge links the "sunny side" to the "shady side", and crosses the Nyhavn Canal. Much like the Pont des Arts in Paris, this is the place where lovey-dovey couples come to profess their love for one another by leaving a love lock on the bridge. If you travel alone, grab an ice cream and enjoy the habor's picturesque setting on the sunny side, as food sometimes can be your best travel companion! ENjoy tRaDitioNal DaNish CuisiNE Smørrebrød is one of the most delicious Nordic specialties I have tried during my trip. Originally a Danish farmer's lunch, Smørrebrød gradually became a popular national dish in Denmark. The food is an open sandwich that consists of a slice of buttered rye bread, and a topping of fish or meat, and vegetables with sauces drizzled on top. Personally, I find its taste a little bland, but the freshness of the seafood more than makes up for it. Smørrebrød can be a perfect dish to cure your hunger when you have been out walking all morning! You can find this amazing dish almost anywhere in Copenhagen. I had mine at the Hallernes Smørrebrød, a specialty shop for Smørrebrød. The price for a serving of Smørrebrød is around 95 DKK (356,000 VND) depending on the toppings of your choice. Address: Rømersgade 18, 1360 København, Denmark TRAVELLIVE

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