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Travellive 4 - 2018

i did not intend to do

i did not intend to do any shopping, so i decided to take a stroll around the area, WiNDoW shoppiNG iN stRØGEt Strøget is considered the largest shopping street in Copenhagen, and is popular with both locals and visitors alike. I did not intend to do any shopping, so I decided to take a stroll around the area, which I enjoyed immensely since Strøget offers you the most astounding of Danish architecture. Address: Strøget, København, Denmark ENjoy amaziNG viEWs of CopENhaGEN at thE RuNDEtaaRN The Rundetaarn (Round Tower in English) is a tower located in the heart of Copenhagen that dates back to the 17 th century. Originally built as an astronomical observatory by Christian IV, the most notable feature about Rundetaarn is that instead of stairs, it uses a spiral ramp to allow a horse and carriage to reach the top of the tower. GET THERE ñ Many airlines provide connecting flights to Copenhagen. It is quite easy to fly to Copenhagen since this the most popular tourist destination in Europe. Return tickets from Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi cost around 15 million to 20 million VND, depending on which season you travel, and are more expensive in summer. GET AROUND ñ You can take the city's buses and metro. A 24-hour metro pass costs 150 DKK (566,000 VND), and can be purchased at the central station. A fine of 750 DKK (2.8 million VND) is issued if you don't travel with a pass. TRAVELLIVE

which i enjoyed immensely since strøget offers you the most astounding of Danish architecture ñ You can download the DOT Mobilbilletter app on App Store or Google Play to buy mobile tickets for short journeys, if you are nowhere near the central station in Copenhagen. Have your credit card ready for the purchase. ñ You can buy a 24-hour Copenhagen Card (59 euro), which allows you to travel on all transportation means, and visit more than 80 attractions in the city for free. A 72-hour Card (89 euro) is recommended if you want to have more time visiting the attractions. ñ You can also hire a bike to explore this beautiful city for 74.50 DKK a day. he Rundetaarn is, today, the highest standing point in Copenhagen that offers expansive views of the city below. A good time to visit the tower is in late afternoon, when you can admire the city view and watch the sunset at the same time. Address: Købmagergade 52A, 1150 København, Denmark ENjoy aN aftERNooN DRiNk fRom aBovE Original Coffee is located on the top floor of ILLUM, a premium department paradise in Copenhagen that offers everything from fashion and beauty to home däcor. Visitors are recommended to drop by, order a hot chocolate, and enjoy breathtaking views of the bustling city below. It was a wonderful experience for me to get away from the crowds for a moment, and truly enjoy myself. Address: Illum, Østergade 52, 1001 København K, Denmark TRAVELLIVE