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visit loCal maRkEt

visit loCal maRkEt toRvEhallERNE orvehallerne is an exciting local market in Copenhagen that you must visit. The market is filled with mostly locals instead of tourists, and is where you can truly experience the culinary and shopping style of the Danish people. I would not have discovered this amazing market, if not for my friend who has lived in Denmark for 10 years. Traveles like riding bicycles in Copenhagen. Torvehallerne has two main halls that specialize in different types of fresh groceries, small restaurants, take out places, and a huge open area to meet the diverse needs of its visitors. Visit the market's gourmet dining area to taste the most exquisite international and Danish specialties. You can also buy amazing Danish chocolate and spices here. Summer Bird is a famous organic chocolate brand in Denmark, and is a must try for all who visit. WatCh thE Rush houRs iN CopENhaGEN Copenhagen is widely known as a bicycle heaven, and watching the bikes at rush hours is an unique experience that you will not find elsewhere. Bicycles in Copenhagen have always been the dominant from of transportation, and are a remarkable highlight of the cityscape. The city of Copenhagen is known to provide all kinds of efficient cycling infrastructure to ensure their cyclists are happy, making Copenhagen one of the most bicycle friendly cities in the world. Every day, people in Copenhagen ride a total distance of 1.2 million km with 36% of the cycling distance is to work, schools, or colleges. At rush hours, you will not find the annoying sound of cars honk, but the swift rolling sound of the wheels that pass by, or the soft "ting ting" sound from bikes to warn pedestrians. CURRENCY ñ The Krone is the official currency of Denmark. 1 DKK = 3,700 VND. If only staying for a short time, swiping cards is recommended since everything can be purchased by card in Denmark. The exchange rate will be lower if you use a national bank. Just be sure to let your bank know that you'll be travelling abroad or else they might freeze your account thinking someone has stolen your card. VISA ñ You can apply for a Schengen visa which allows you to enter 26 Schengen countries. Information on the visa application you can find at the Danish Consulate. Do try to combine other destinations such as Norway, Sweden, or Germany in your itinerary. EXPENSE ñ Denmark and especially Copenhagen are relatively expensive. Your hotel accommodation can cost 1.2 million - 1.5 million VND a night, meals 1 million a day, transportaion 566,000 VND a day for the 24h metro pass, making a total expense of 3 million VND a day. Admission to most attractions in Copenhagen however are free, unless you want to book a day tour. TRIP DURATION ñ Copenhagen is not a particular large city, but to make the most of your time, you should spend at least 3 days to truly experience the amazing capital. TIME TO TRAVEL ñ The best season to visit Copenhagen is in spring and summer. The average temperature ranges from 10-15 degrees, and at their highest is 25 degrees in the summer. April, May, and June are the best times to explore Copenhagen, but the city will be filled with tourists. If you prefer a quieter Copenhagen, and are not afraid of colder temperatures, February and March are ideal times to travel. MUST-TRY TOURS ñ The Canal Tours' Grand Tour Copenhagen is a wonderul way of seeing Copenhagen, where you get to experience the idyllic harbors, and canals of the city. The tour is free if you have purchased a Copenhagen Card, if not, the price is 80 DKK per person. ñ Book a Guided Bike Tour with the Cycling Embassy of Denmark. If you have been on a canal tour to see Copenhagen, you must also hire a bike to explore this amazing city, where bicycles are the most widely used form of transportation. The cost for the guided bike tour is 4,000 DKK with a maximum of 15 participants per guide. Visit for more information. FOOD TO TRY ñ Rød pølse: This delicous brightly red Danish sausage is a must-try, and you can find it at the flea market in Nyhavn in late afternoon. ñ Smørrebrød: A traditional Danish open sandwich that was mentioned above. Here are some of the addresses where you can order it. Selma, Vesterbrogade, 97A, Copenhagen, Denmark Frederik VI, Frederiksberg Allä 42A, Copenhagen, Denmark, +45 33 31 33 38 ñ Fløskesteg: This Danish version of roast pork is often enjoyed at Christmas dinners in Denmark. The pork is marinated with cloves and other spices. You can order this amazing dish at any traditional restaurants in Nyhvan. Fiskefrikadeller: This national dish is a type of fish cake, that you can also enjoy at any traditional restaurants in Denmark, or food courts in Tivoli. TRAVELLIVE

Shopping Mall at Stroget Ice Cream shop it Nyahvn Smørrebrød - a traditional Danish open sandwich Flower market at Torvehallnerne TRAVELLIVE

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