5 months ago

Travellive 4 - 2018

Bi’t bao ng≠Íi Hµ

Bi’t bao ng≠Íi Hµ NÈi Æi xa, bi’t bao du kh∏ch yu Hµ NÈi Æ∑ th«m ≠Ìc hãn Hµ NÈi cuËi xu©n chÿ Æ” c„ thm mÈt l«n Ææm ÆuËi cÔng nhan sæc hoa s≠a? H∑y cÔng Travellive vµ nhi’p ∂nh gia Giang Trnh lang thang nh˜ng con phË nh· th©n quen Æ” ngæm nh◊n hoa s≠a ræc m≠a ln phË. Kia Phan ß◊nh PhÔng, Hoµng Hoa Th∏m, ßi÷n Bin PhÒ rÓp b„ng c©y xanh, Æ©y lËi nh· c´ng vin, m∏i ng„i ru phong, v≠Ín hoa th©n thuÈc... hoa s≠a Æang v“ h∏t bi÷t khÛc cÔng xu©n. The ephemeral nature of these white flowers makes it such a precious flower, and for a long time, have won the hearts of Hanoians and all those who visit. Let Travellive and our photographer Giang Trinh take you through a photo journey that captures the amazing beauty of these flowers. From Phan Dinh Phung, to Hoang Hoa Tham, to Dien Bien Phu, s≠a flowers are blossoming at every corner.