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How to Active the Game Mode in Norton Antivirus

If you want to activate the Game Mode in Norton Antivirus, so contact Norton australia by dialing 1-800-921-376

How to Active the Game Mode in Norton

HOW TO ACTIVE THE GAME MODE IN NORTON ANTIVIRUS? Norton Antivirus detects malware, viruses, Ransomware and delivers the real-time security. This software is can be used in PC, Computers, Laptops and in mobile phones to protect the data from threats. It offers its free trial version for all the initial users so that they can evaluate the value of software and get to know how effective it is. This antivirus gives you the screen notification when it seems suspicious. Here we are talking about game mode; actually, this mode is different from the normal mode. When we are playing any game we don’t want any hindrance in between. This is how the game made is introduced and a user can make a change at any time. Read also this blog: How To Start Norton Product After Upgrading The Windows 10? The experts’ team of Norton Support delivers the specific steps to turn on the games mode in Norton Antivirus. 1. First, launch the antivirus program. This you can make by choosing the icon of Norton from the user interface. The users have another choice they can navigate through the start menu. 2. Choose the “Performance” option; you can locate this on the left side menu. Once you choose it then many new options get to appear. 3. Here click on the “Start Mode” option. This option totally depends upon the version you are using. 4. Once the Game mode is selected then a list gets to appear. Now add the particular game where you want to make changes. 5. See the user can have many games on their system. So this is totally up to the user what they want to add. But remember the changes will work accordingly. 6. Now save the changes by choosing the same button. Now you can enjoy your game without pop-ups. These are the effective points to make a change in the settings of Norton. The user can change it whenever they want because there is no rigidity in the feature. In the case, the user fails to do so then they can contact the experts’ team of Norton Customer Support Australia by dialing the tollfree number 1-800-921-376 come and rectify the queries. ORIGINAL SOURCE:

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