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Mivan Formwork In Kolkatta 1

Mivan Formwork In Kolkatta

Mivan Formwork – Complementing Strong Homes! Today, owing to prosperity, Indian construction industry is really into golden days. Today in every nook and corner of our country, many budding as well as successful builders are paving a way of success. All this is because of the rising population, which urges them to come up with mass houses to accommodate people. And all thanks to Mivan Formwork in Kolkata, Mumbai and many cities that construction of these mass houses has now become easy. Who would have thought that a European construction company – Mivan would become so popular across the globe. Conceptualised in 1990’s, but till date this technology has flourished from Europe, America to India. Usually, in traditional formwork it would take time for the erection of the building, but Mivan gives a tough competition by shortening the time and also bidding adieu to maintenance stress. It is marvellous that with Mivan formwork, your structure will be free from maintenance for at least 20 years and sometimes even more. And that is the reason that structures are becoming from strong and durable. When Mivan is in the picture, always remember that Mivan revolves around 3S – safety, speed and strength. We have already seen that it is safe because it is maintenance free which is adding to its shelf life. Along with this, in Mivan column and beams construction are eliminated as well as slabs and walls are cast in just one operation. This particular feature helps in saving a lot of time and together concreting of walls and slabs is like icing on the cake. Moreover, the pre-engineered aluminium forms that are used are extremely light-weight and easy to handle, thus adding to the safety factor. With Mivan you can test its strength and durability in severe climatic conditions as it gives utmost seismic resistance. Also, you will have a meagre number of joints and that will help considerably in the reduction of leakages. Moreover, you can boast of the amazingly large carpet area of your home/office as well as experience uniformity in construction quality. All-in-all, Mivan formwork is the best package that gives your homes/offices strength and also adds on to durability. With Mivan, you can bid adieu to skilled labours, thus reducing financial crisis too! There are many factors to consider while choosing Mivan formwork, so why not ask an expert to share some more insights. So, contact Navkaar now to unravel more features of Mivan formwork!

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