7 months ago


Grade 2 On the 4th April

Grade 2 On the 4th April we had our annual Dads and Lads evening. This special night allows the Grade 2 boys to spend an evening with their Dad or significant male role model. The Dads were shown a series of heart-warming videos and listened to heart-felt speeches from the teachers. Following this, the Dads then spent time with their sons and passed on a meaningful gift to their boy. The evening was rounded off with some good food and games on the field. The Ridge School 10 Horizons

Grade 3 The term has been a blur of lots of fun, great learning, forming new friendships and making a difference to others. The boys have enjoyed themselves because of all of the fun that they had while making pancakes, learning about the Chinese New Year, dressing up for a Mr Men Day and making boats out of recycled materials for World Water Day. The theme for the year is “Being the Difference” and so it was decided that during the time of Lent, instead of giving something up, we would be giving of ourselves. The boys collected items that were in great demand for The Hope School. It was everyday essentials that most of us take for granted that could make such a difference. The school asked for toilet paper, dish washing liquid, soap powder, nappies and second hand clothes. The Grade 3 families were very generous and we certainly made a huge difference. A few boys (2 from each class) helped deliver the goods just before the Easter weekend. The theme of “Making a difference” was discussed further at our Easter breakfast. Not only did we learn about doing things for others but through the Easter story we also discussed the value of standing up for oneself – which was linked to the Australian cricket team, and how perhaps making a difference and standing up for what is right, may have meant a different outcome. Valuable lessons and lots of fun has been had by Grade 3’s! By Di Wellard The Ridge School 11 Horizons