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Grade 6 Grade 6 Visit to

Grade 6 Grade 6 Visit to Acrobranch On the Wednesday 28 February, the Grade 6 boys were fortunate enough to spend the day at Acrobranch in Melrose. This trip had originally been planned for the end of last year, but inclement weather forced us to reschedule. The boys had an amazing time as they negotiated obstacles and ziplined between the tree tops. It really was amazing to see these boys providing each other with words of support and encouragement. Spending time outdoors and challenging the boys to a fairly unique challenge, provided us with an opportunity to view the boys in a different context. By Mike MacFarlane The Ridge School 14 Horizons

Grade 6 Grade 6 STEAM The Grade 6’s have been immersed in their first STEAM project for the year. STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths) has remained a highlight of the week for this group of boys, who were the first to experience this cross curriculum learning last year, when they were in Grade 5. The STEAM process, which brings real life problems to the classroom, has seen them engaged in the discovery of water systems, understanding structures and materials, as well as tinkering with electrical circuits. All this investigation has gone into building the skills needed to design and make a 3D model of a water wise house. The design was rendered in three parts: a technical drawing, a Minecraft version, and then finally, a model. Recycled materials were used as much as possible. The boys enjoyed bringing the theory, the design skills and building skills together. At the end of each week boys have been asked to reflect on their learning process, identifying areas of strengths, as well as seeing where they could improve. They have continued to use their iPads as a tool to investigate and document their findings. This has resulted in an improvement in their writing, research, analysis and synthesising skills. Boys will now place their houses onto their Game of Life boards. Teachers and learners continue to embrace and enjoy this way of learning, bringing critical and creative thinking together across disciplines. By Nicci Kurz The Ridge School 15 Horizons