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Grade 7 Design and

Grade 7 Design and Technology For this term’s practical, boys were tasked to build their own model crane that could be used to pick up pieces of metal. This project was motivated by the increasing need to recycle waste in the environment. To this end, the crane’s electromagnet would be used to filter out the metallic waste from a host of other wastes. This task was multifaceted. Boys had to work through all the stages of the design process. In order to progress through the different stages to build a model crane with an electromagnet, they had to for example, investigate how hydraulic and pneumatic systems are used in some practical situations in everyday life and then apply these principles to their cranes. They also had to learn about electrical circuits to be able to make the electromagnet for their crane. By Shanitha Ramsurwaj William Mills For the last few years, Rosebank and Sandton have been populated mainly by cranes rather than by people. This ongoing construction frenzy involves these 100 meter tall monster machines moving around endlessly piling bricks on top of each other in order to finish the massive buildings which come to dominate the landscape. However, here at The Ridge’s Design and Technology lab, we Grade 7s, possible future engineers of some of those buildings, have been making our own model cranes, just on a smaller scale. We were challenged to design and construct, using only recyclable materials, a model crane that can pivot and move its arm up and down using either a pneumatic system or a hydraulic system. Our cranes also had to include an electromagnet and show different strengthening techniques. With help and encouragement from Mrs Ramsurwaj, our project was successfully completed and we now have our own city of cranes, not picking up 500 tons each, but closer to 500 grams. Perhaps this craze for construction in the DT lab will ignite the engineering spark with many of us and in the long run bode well for South Africa and its economy. The Ridge School 16 Horizons

Sport Swimming From the first week of term, over a hundred team swimmers took to the water in the early mornings to train for the galas (even if the promise of hot chocolate at the end was the incentive!). For the first time in many years, all the scheduled galas took place without any cancellations due to weather. We fielded 3 teams again, each competing in its own league. Although the teams were not always at full strength owing to cricket and water polo tours, as well as entrance exams, the swimmers did extremely well and there were occasions when boys swam two races in a row to make up for those at other events! The galas usually had 6 – 9 schools participating and all the teams are to be commended on finishing in the top four in almost all of the galas. The Inter House Championship Gala is always a highlight and even those boys who aren’t swimming come away just as exhausted from all the cheerleading and war cries! Rose took the title this year, ahead of Dunn who were followed by Nicolson and Cheales. By Erica Kinnear The Ridge School 17 Horizons