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Camps Grade 5 Camp On

Camps Grade 5 Camp On Wednesday the 7th of March we were all excited. We were going to Camp! The camp’s name was Maraneman On The Vaal. After a 2 hour bus drive with one pit stop at a garage, we were finally there. We hopped off the bus ready for a new challenge. After dinner we went to watch a movie called Ferdinand. I was really tired by now so I was definitely ready to go to sleep. We woke up the next morning knowing that camp was over. We were sad but happy that camp was over. We packed our bags, ate breakfast and left on our long drive back home. Camp was lots of fun! By Kabir Budlender The first thing we did was go take our bags inside and get into our dorms. We then went to a hall called the Youth Shack. We chatted about the camp rules and got into teams. I was in the gold team. We then had to choose 3 captains. We were briefed about the money system they used, called Moolah. The first activity we did was we had to design a name for our team, a chant and a natural treasure made out of plants. We called our team The Golden Scolfinhawks. In the afternoon we continued with a few more activities and then had our first tuck shop session. We had free time and then ate dinner, which was braai your own meat. We were all exhausted at the end of the day and went to sleep happily. The next day I woke up in the morning and went for a run with Mr McLachlan. That morning it was pouring with rain so everything was a bit wet. Because of the rain, we had to play a few games inside. After that we went outside to do an activity where we had to balance a cup of water on a platform using just rope walking it around obstacles. The rain cleared up in the afternoon and we were lucky enough to have a swim in the Vaal as well as have some free time to ourselves. Dinner was ‘Make your own Pizza’ and we all went wild with putting different toppings on our pizzas. The Ridge School 26 Horizons

Camps Grade 6 Camp This year the Grade 6s travelled to ATKV Drakensville for their 2018 camp. We enjoyed an incredible trip, spending time outdoors and taking part in a wide range of fun activities. Surrounded by the beautiful Drakensburg Mountains, the boys had a wonderful opportunity to engage with friends and teachers in an environment which is totally different from the conventional classroom. Shortly after arriving at the camp, the boys were given a few minutes to settle into the cabins, before heading down to the lake to do some zip-lining. Mr Pakkiri and Ms Leibrandt were even brave enough to give it a go! Needless to say, with all the excitement of being away from home, the boys did not get a huge amount of sleep on night one. from home and stepping out of their comfort zone, while daunting for some, results in a huge amount of character development. I am proud of the way in which the boys conducted themselves and how they were able to make the most of this opportunity. Despite a number of boys picking up a tummy bug and an almost constant drizzle throughout our time away, the boys maintained high spirits and really made the most of the experience. This is a credit to the character of this lively bunch of boys who love nothing more than adventure and excitement in their lives. By Mike MacFarlane Day 2 found the boys taking part in paintball and archery. Apart from a few bruises, this proved to be a really enjoyable activity. That evening the boys were also treated to a game of stalk the lantern. In the darkness of the Drakensburg night, the stars looked absolutely amazing and the boys slept like logs when they finally went to bed. The final day of activities provided us with probably the most memorable experience of our time away. We were fortunate enough to take a hike through the Royal Natal Nature Reserve to a waterfall and a series of rock pools. Walking in a gentle drizzle on a chilly, overcast day, I was surprised to see the majority of boys deciding to jump into the freezing cold water. Again, Mr Pakkiri was not going to miss out! School camps form an important part of our boys’ primary school experience. Spending time away The Ridge School 27 Horizons