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Orange River Adventure

Orange River Adventure After our second day of paddling, our next campsite was “The Trees”, a bit more of a shade covered campsite, but full of scorpions too. The scariest moment of the trip for me happened that day. I had Sean as my paddling partner and we somehow went into Mini falls, the biggest rapid of the day, sideways and nearly capsized. Luckily for us, the guides were stationed on the side of the river at the two-metre drop, and pushed us straight again. Soon thereafter, we were told by our guides that the scariest part of the trip was coming up, “The big chill”. Apparently, some people fall out of their boats even before it. But guess what, it was just the big “chill” as in relax. That night we celebrated our trip by taking photos, making toasts and eating melted chocolate. It was an experience we will remember forever. By William Mills In the late afternoon, we took a walk to the gorge to take a look at Richie falls, one of the Orange River’s deadliest and most dangerous cascading waterfalls. After snapping a few photos, we hiked back to camp for dinner. That evening we headed off to bed dreaming of waterfalls and scorpions crawling into our sleeping bags. This next day was very exciting, filled with adventure and hard work. We had to portage all of our equipment from place to place to get to the gorge ‘drop in’, which was extremely tiring. Paddling in the gorge was fine and dandy, until we got to Big Bunny, the trip’s biggest rapid. It is so big that children under thirteen are not allowed to paddle it, so only a few brave souls shot it. These were Daniel and his dad, the guides, John Anderson’s mom with a guide and Mr. McLachlan by himself. Sadly, Mr.McLachlan capsized at the end. He was paddling by himself and hit a big rock. The front end of his boat lifted up and got stuck on the rock, his end was dragged round by the powerful stream, and he got flipped out. Big Bunny looks incredible and exciting, even at the low level of water that we had. I would love to do it one day, maybe even in a plastic (kayak). When we arrived at the campsite, “The Beach”, we decided to have a game of baseball cricket, which was very fun. We also did nappy rides down the rapid above our campsite. This is where you float down the rapid using your life jacket to keep you going. We also jumped off a rock next to our campsite into the river a few times. A great few things to end off our day. We paddled for quite a bit on the last day and a lunch break was well earned. The funniest thing that happened that day was when we were all swimming in shallow water, holding our boats and floating downstream, but Mr.McLachlan forgot to hold his boat, and it went far down the river, so he hijacked Sean and Leo’s boat to get it back, and then left Sean and Leo’s boat to carry on downstream by itself. They were left stranded, and desperate to get their boat back. The Ridge School 30 Horizons

Lumo Dance The hugely popular Lumo Dance was held on 6 April this term. As an annual fundraising event for the PA, it was once again well supported by the whole school. Well done to all the parents involved in making this a massively successful evening once again! The Ridge School 31 Horizons