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New staff Agnes Jooste I

New staff Agnes Jooste I come from a small mining town, Stilfontein, in the North West, but Johannesburg has been my home for more than half my life. I live with my partner, Jamie, and value quality time spent with our friends and family. I am currently completing my Masters degree in Educational Psychology at TUKS and my hobby is deejaying. My two greatest passions in life are music and working with children. I have always loved English, which was my specialisation. At Cedarwood College I was asked to teach Mathematics, and despite my initial objections, I am grateful for this fortuitous experience because after hours of Khan Academy and YouTube tutorials, I came to realise that Maths can be fun! Teaching a subject I had previously found challenging also taught me the importance of humility, patience and preparation. My wish is to inspire the students I teach to discover their potential and purpose. I value diversity and every child comes with unique experiences, expectations, talents and needs. I am curious about the world and love learning new things - luckily teaching allows me to think, learn and grow every day. Being able to impact the lives of students is a privilege and responsibility that I greatly appreciate and it’s an honour for me to join the collaborative Lighthouse team where learning is taken seriously, but made fun. Claire Lord Returning from a break in career, travelling the world, I was pleased to join The Ridge family in January, excited to meet the boys who would be in my care. I have joined the Lighthouse team as a remedial specialist. My interest in Learning Support started in my student days when I volunteered at schools and I saw the need for children who required a more individual approach. I hope to instil a love of learning, coupled with boosting the confidence of the students I come into contact with on a daily basis. On a personal note, I am a keen adventurer, always up for a weekend away hiking, scuba diving, rock climbing, mountain biking or simply absorbing the wonderful weather in this city, while sampling the many culinary delights Johannesburg has to offer. I look forward to my journey as part of The Ridge family in the coming years and I am excited to grow and learn alongside the boys I teach! The Ridge School 6 Horizons

New Staff Ntobekhaya (Ntombi) Semoko My Name is Ntombi Semoko and I am married to a wonderful man, Mr Tshepo Brian Semoko. We have been blessed with two beautiful children Reahile 10 years old (a girl) & Kopano 8 years old (a boy). Rea is currently in Grade 5 and Kopano is in grade 3. My husband has been working for Standard Bank Card division as a consultant for the past 12 years. Before I joined The Ridge Family, I worked for various companies Like Bank ABC (African banking Corporation), Bowman Gilfillan attorneys, Nedbank and Anglo American as a receptionist. I hold a Diploma in Hotel and Catering Management and a Certificate in Professional Receptionist and Personal Assistant. Before I started at The Ridge, I was anxious as to how I would fit into the school’s culture and whether I would cope with the work load at the school and if the boys and parents would embrace me. But when I got to The Ridge, I received nothing but a very warm welcome, assistance in all angles and I must say I am a proud staff member of the school. I feel content and loved! Sarah Green My teaching career began while I was still studying at Wits, I worked in an outreach program over the weekends and then I was offered an internship teaching music at St. Dunstan’s Junior Preparatory. From there, I went on to St Benedict’s Junior Preparatory and a year later I was completing my PGCE in Music and English. At St Benedict’s I worked with the bass section of the pipe band, accompanied instrumental students, choirs, taught piano, marimba band and started the school ensemble group. In 2016 I had the privilege to teach at an International School in Dubai. It was there that I realised that I want to teach the younger grades. When I got back to South Africa I had a locum position at Cornwall Hill College, teaching Music and Arts and Culture. I have played in the bass section of the Transvaal Scottish Pipeband and I’ve competed twice in the World Pipeband Championships in Glasgow. Last year, I moved my music performance interests to playing in Orchestras, I am now an active member of both the Johannesburg and the Rand Symphony Orchestras. The Ridge boys’ passion and enthusiasm for music and drama is so inspiring and I just love every lesson that I have with the boys. I am honoured to play a part in this wonderful family at The Ridge. The Ridge School 7 Horizons