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Grade 0 The Grade 0 boys

Grade 0 The Grade 0 boys have been very busy learning about the world around them this term. We started the term off by looking at the body. The boys made life-size paintings of themselves, little boy puppets, and explored with the 5 senses. We then moved onto the My School theme, and our boys learnt as much as they could about life at The Ridge. It even included a visit to Mr Stanley and Mrs Herold’s offices. As Grandparents Day started to approach, we explored a little more about families and what makes the members of each family special and unique. The boys have been creating artworks related to the theme, as well as finding out about things that are “old-fashioned”. Grandparents’ Tea Party On Friday 16th March the Grade 0’s held their annual Grandparents’ tea party. The boys had spent the previous two weeks preparing gifts and art work for their special guests. The long awaited day arrived and the weather was bright and sunny, much to the relief of those organising the event. The Grannies and Grandads arrived and were invited to a magnificent tea party, catered for by the Grade 0 parents. They were then treated to a concert by their grandsons and Miss Green to showcase what they have learnt in Music this year. There were very few dry eyes in the audience while the boys sang their beautiful prayer, but the mood quickly changed when everyone sang along to the old favourite, “When I’m 64.” After the concert the boys escorted their visitors to the classrooms to present them with the gifts and show off their work. It was wonderful to see old and young interacting so happily with each other in a different environment. Thank you to everyone who helped to make the day so successful. By Kathi Rossouw The Ridge School 8 Horizons

Grade 1 The Grade 1 boys have been hard at work this term, enjoying a mixture of learning and having fun. Some of the activities the boys have completed this term: • Completing circle maps for the ‘qu’ sound and drawing their own fabulous queens. • Celebrating Easter and making their very own Easter boxes. • Designing their own flags for their houses. The Grade 1 boys have been super busy this term and can be proud their efforts. By Lauren Baines-Fourie The Ridge School 9 Horizons