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FAIR Bulşen: “The UK

FAIR Bulşen: “The UK is attractive market due to the common legislation” Ali Senturk, Bulşen, in his statement on Junioshow Bursa 2018, said: “Since 1995, we have been producing for the dress group. We have a variety of dress groups ranging from 9 months to 2 to 3 years old. We serve in the field of special day clothes like cotton fabric dressing and mevlut sets. The fair was good. The results were fantastic and we were delighted with the positive responses from wholesalers and retailers. If there are criticisms, we are working on improving them in order to provide better service. Customers, other participating companies and we are seeing this as a beautiful platform. The fair is helping us to create the next line. We had a lot of footfall from countries like Egypt, Algeria, Lebanon, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Iran and Iraq. We participate in the fair regularly. The audience here is clearly very qualified and diverse. Last year we could not work, it was a repeat visit this year. There was domestic market and subsidiary industry. As Bulşen, we are targeting more exports. There were also visitors from the UK market where we worked because customs legislation is appropriate for us. In this sense, the fair did meet our expectations.” Coppa: “There were more overseas customers than the domestic market” Mahmut Gulmez, Coppa, in his statement on Junioshow Bursa 2018, said: JunioShow is one of the most important trade shows on the calendar for us. That is why we decided to take this opportunity to showcase our brand. The show went very well for us and was an ideal platform for cultivating established ties and setting up new partnerships Russian and Arab countries. We enjoyed a huge frequency of visitors at our stand throughout the entire duration of the fair. Not only many existing trade customers engaged in dialogue with us, we were also able to establish many new contacts. We have seen more customers from the domestic market than abroad. The Turkish Ministry of Economy and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry organized procurement committee from abroad. We hope to see more customers next year. We want to see visitors from the African region in the fair. We will be participating at the next JunioShow again. 108 Mart / Nisan 2018

Minimis: “Fair held in July was much better” Eyup Gedik, Minimis in his statements on JunioShow 2018, said: As a company, we have crowned our 18-year history with our Minimis brand, which has been operating for the last 5 years. We also have products for summer group besides knitting group which we have been specializing for many years. Our products are for 0-5 years old. This year this is our second participation in the fair with our rich product group. We are satisfied with the contacts we had in the exhibition days. Some number of international visitors decreased compared to last year. Fair held in July was much better. Because of this fair is mainly for textile, the fair in July is more efficient for us. There is a positive effect on the Arab customer, especially if it coincides with the holiday period. Nevertheless, the fair was good when we evaluated it in general terms. Istanbul and Bursa organized the fair on the same date this year and that negatively affected the sector. The visitors were from Arab countries and Russia. There was a qualified customer. Missi Baby: “There were customers from mainly Iraq and Russia along with Algeria” Cevat Efe, Missi Baby, Marketing Manager, shared his statements on JunioShow 2018. As Missi Baby we produce maternal infant care products. We are especially focused on the mother with maternity bags and childcarrying equipment. The bag models in our world shows a rich profile as economically luxurious. We are exportoriented company. On the domestic market, our products are offered in chain stores at certain points. We are satisfied with the show. We are opposed to association as a brand that is not a member of any institution or organization. Since the first day we were established as a company with a history of 10 years, we have participated in fairs for mothers, infants and children. We can say that this year’s fair is much better than the July fair in summer. There were customers from mainly Iraq and Russia along with Algeria. We saw qualified visitors in the fair. Sönmez Bebe: “This fair was the best of the 2018” Omer Dikili, Sönmez Bebe, shared his statements on JunioShow 2018. “Sönmez Bebe has 0-1 years old products. With 25 years of experience we are bringing quality to our customers in special day clothes. We produce in two different color groups, cream and white. We do not enter an expectation on sales basis, which is related to the fair. Fair is an investment. We appreciate introducing ourselves to this platform and prove that we are a company with quality in this sector. When we look at the visitor profile of the fair, we see that it has continued its path with a growing customer portfolio since three years. It was a pleasure to see the European market this year in the client profile, which is more like Russian, Arab States and Balkan Countries. We hosted qualified visitors from European countries such as the UK, the Netherlands and Amsterdam. This year we can say that this fair was the best of the 2018. Mart / Nisan 2018 109

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