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LETTER FROM THE EDITOR Developing industry of developing Turkey As you know will, we, the Baby & Kid Store family we have been focusing at new issues and new markets with each issue of our magazine. The best witnesses of this are our esteemed readers. The mom and baby requirements sector has been realizing strong strides in line with ever-changing technologies and needs by clamping together at the strong targets. Led by the projects launched by the Ministry of Economy of Turkey, the works have been carrying the export volume to higher levels every day and our business people, who would be skeptical in issuing passports, have been running towards intercontinental progresses. All these development are exciting for our industry. The fairs act as the center of big trade and export activities. Exhibitors in domestic and international fairs have the opportunity to sell buyers coming from all over the world. We have compiled news articles about the events which assumes the role of opening the doors for new markets. You will find company testimonials and show evaluations of companies about the shows held in Turkey such as CBME Turkey, Junioshow, Linexpo, and Penteks and the shows held in foreign countries such as Pitti Immagine and CJF Kids’ Textiles Show. We have not neglected covering the novelties in the sector and following up the developments happened in exports as we do with every issue of the magazine. We have been continuing our activities in international arena as we do every year. Baby & Kid Store magazine which was traveling in Florence, Moscow and Algiers with its January/ February issue, is en route to Kiev, Ukraine with its March/April issue. It will be in Florence, one of the best vacation and trade centers, with its May/June issue when the weather offers the best conditions for traveling. As the only specialty magazine of the industry we will continue to represent you at the most important trade platforms. Stay with us. Publisher: H. Ferruh Işık on behalf of İSTMAG Magazin Gazetecilik Yayıncılık İç ve Dış Tic. Ltd. Şti. General Manager Mehmet Söztutan Coordinator Mehtap Akyel Design & Graphics Fırat Bayram Corporate Communication Executive Ebru Pekel Head Office İSTMAG Magazin Gazetecilik Yayıncılık İç ve Dış Tic. Ltd. Şti. Evren Mah. Bahar Cad. Polat İş Merkezi B Blok No:3 Kat: 4 Güneşli Bağcılar - İstanbul / Turkey Tel: +90 212 604 51 00 Faks: +90 212 604 51 35 Editor Ayça Sarıoğlu Duygu Gecü Foreign Relations İsmail Çakır Responsible Editor Cüneyt Aktürk Chief Accountant Mustafa Aktaş Subscription İsmail Özçelik 10 Mart / Nisan 2018 İhlas Gazetecilik A.Ş Merkez Mahallesi 29 Ekim Cad.İhlas Plaza NO: 11/A 41 Yenibosna / İstanbul / TURKEY Tel: 0 212 454 30 00

Coordinator Mehtap AKYEL Playıng the game wıth the rules... Talking is an easy thing but utilizing is tough. Promising is something anybody can do but execution is only the work of professionals. Honesty is a virtuous possession but it is a value that everybody can’t have. This magazine publishing work is also a big, serious, tough profession, and a work which requires responsibility. The name of the sector is baby but our industry is one of the biggest industries. Making publishing work in this industry requires experience, talent, budget and flexibility at international scale. That’s the total value which we have and others in the Turkish market don’t have. Coming from a deep-rooted history of 38 years, we are a team of experts, specialists, professional and achieving successes all over the world. We have been enjoying the pride of representing our country, our industry, and our companies in the world arenas where world giants challenge for competition. One of our legs is in Russia and the one is in countries such as Ukraine, Italy, Germany, Oman and Poland. We are traveling for you, we find the novelties for you and publish them, we are distributing and promoting for you. Fortunately we have you and we have the honor of serving you. Those who want to meet us, can find at the aforementioned markets and they will continue to see us in all those markets. We are visiting you at the remaining times and preparing the magazine in the kitchen. We are playing the game with the rules. Mart / Nisan 2018 11

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