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SECTOR 86 FIMI Closed Successful Edition FIMI closed its 86th edition with very good business feelings. The event with the highest concentration of Spanish brands in the world has exceeded the number of visitors by 5% compared to its last edition in January and has reached the figure of about 5,300 visitors. Buyers, wholesalers, designers, online stores ... they filled the hallways throughout the weekendin an edition in which the #movimientofimi has fulfilled their most optimistic expectations.Not surprisingly, buyers from Germany, Algeria, United Arab Emirates, United States, France, Holland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Mexico, Portugal, United Kingdom, Dominican Republic, Switzerland and Turkey had confirmed their visit to FIMI, but, in addition, professionals from Belgium, Korea, Slovenia or Panama have come, thus increasing the number of countries planned by the organization. On the other hand, the national buyer has not been left behind, through the corridors of FIMI has seen more business environment and exhibitors have confirmed. Buyers from Andalucía, Comunitat Valenciana, Madrid and Galicia have been the most numerous. FIMI will once again bring together Fashion professionals in Día Mágico by FIMI, which on this occasion, the sixth, will take place in Valencia on May 4, 5 and 6 and Will once again be the indisputable meeting point for all the professionals linked with the business of children’s fashion for communion and ceremony. Likewise, FIMI has already announced the dates of its next edition where the spring-summer collections will be the protagonists. 36 Mart / Nisan 2018

SECTOR Boinc Kids proved itself in meeting customer demands Until now, the brand, which has always received high orders, has opened a new store to meet the requests of extra orders. ”From now on, we address every sector” said Kemal Işık, owner of the company, who started to serve in an area of 90 square meters in Zeytinburnu for the need to address every field for the new store. Boinc Kids is continuing to develop itself both in the domestic market and abroad with its showroom store where new product groups are offered. “We offer 35 different product groups to the customer with the new store” Stating that they are ready for new projects to further strengthen their wholesale side, Kemal Işık said they are preparing for a new website for wholesale. He gave good news to the buyers: “We will offer 35 different product groups to the customer with our new store.” Boinc Kids müşteri taleplerini karşılamada kendini kanıtladı Bugüne kadar hep yüksek adetli siparişleri karşılayan marka, daha az adetli siparişlerin taleplerini geri çevirmemek için yeni bir mağaza açtı. ‘’Bundan böyle her kesime hitap ediyoruz’’ diyen Firma Yetkilisi Kemal Işık, 90 metrekarelik bir alanda hizmete başlayan Zeytinburnu’ndaki yeni mağazası için her kesime hitap edebilme ihtiyacından doğduğunu belirtti. Yeni ürün gruplarını sergiledikleri showroom mağazası ile Boinc Kids hem iç piyasada hem de ihracatta kendini geliştirmeye devam ediyor. ‘’Yeni mağaza ile 35 farklı ürün grubunu müşteri ile buluşturuyoruz’’ Toptan tarafı daha da güçlendirmek için yeni projeler için imza atmaya hazırlandıklarını ifade eden Kemal Işık, toptan satışa yönelik yeni bir internet sitesinin alt yapısı hazırlığı içerisinde olduklarını belirtti. Işık, ‘’Yeni mağaza ile 35 farklı ürün grubunu müşteri ile buluşturuyoruz’’ diyerek satın almacılara müjdeyi verdi. Mart / Nisan 2018 37

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