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FAIR CJFSpring experienced success unprecedented 20th anniversary edition of the CJF International Exhibition for Child and Junior Fashion, Maternity Wear was held between 19 and 22 February 2018 in Expocentre Moscow CJF targets buyers, manufactures, suppliers and designers of clothes, footwear and accessories for children and pregnant women. The spring edition of 2018 is the first time that the show runs in three pavilions. The number of exhibitors has increased by 34%, and the number of visitors by 78%. The floor space has expanded by 46.4%. 20th Anniversary International Exhibition for Child and Junior Fashion, Maternity Wear was held on 19-22 February 2018 in, Pavilions No.1, 3, 5, Expocentre Fairgrounds, Moscow, Russia by Expocentre AO and supported by the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade with auspices of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The fair held in 7,500 sqm with 350 companies from countries such as Austria, Belgium, Belarus, Canada, China, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Moldova, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, the UK, Ukraine and the USA. Types of products on display were clothes for children, footwear for children accessories for children, clothes for pregnant women, fashion and design. Some participating companies showcase 400+ brands with Acoola, Button Blue, Crockid, Dan&Dani, De Salitto, Duwali, G’n’k, Jacote, Stilnyashka, Atlas Teks, Karamelli, Lucky Child, Malenkaya Ledi, Peremena, Ravol, Sky Lake, Slavyanka, Smena, Sneg, Fantazeri, etc.; newcomers: Sudar, MAG, Carnalove, Patrino, My Baby Gold, Mayoral, Marasil, De Salitto, Primigi, Losan, Luhta, Amadeo, Coccodrillo, Huppa, Sarabanda, Ticket to Heaven, Jums, Deux par Deux, Garvalin, Boboli, Brums, Gusti, MM Dadak, Blue Effect, Lemon Fashion, Bartek, Dr. Kid and Zip Zap. Show Highlights 1. Pavilion No.1 accommodated Russian and CIS brands. This year there are a lot of newcomers, who are both clothes and footwear manufacturers. visitors up 78% exhibitors up 34% floor space up 46% 88 Mart / Nisan 2018

9. The Business Contacts Exchange and Labour Exchange are organized to help medium and small enterprises and job seekers from Moscow, the Moscow region and other Russian regions (Pavilion No.1, Stand No.12С13). 10. The traditional Expocentre for Counterfeit-Free Exhibition Project, aimed to minimize counterfeit products showcased at exhibitions via providing consultations and clarifications regarding intellectual property, and rendering assistance in solving conflicts connected with violations of exclusive rights, is continued at Stand No.1G01, Pavilion No.1. The next edition of the fair, CJF 2018 Autumn, 21st International Exhibition for Child and Junior Fashion Maternity Wear will be held between 25 and 28 September, 2018 in Expocentre Fairgrounds, Moscow. 2. Turkish companies occupied Hall 1 of Pavilion No.5. They show clothes of different price categories. 3. Companies from Europe, the USA and Canada occupy Pavilion No.3. 4. The CJF.Shoes Salon has expanded and presents such well-known brands of shoes for children as Tutubi, Obuvopt (Levi’s Kids), Technolux (Kuoma), Garvalin, Analpa, Skandia, JogDog, Ric- Style (Ricosta), Bartek, Melania Italia, Pablosky, Superfit, Finsklad, Vitacci, Kamik, Gioseppo. 5. This year CJF once again featured the Territory of Russian Startups, Small and Micro Business. Russian novice manufacturers will make a name for themselves exhibiting next to the market’s largest players. The participants include F-Style, Mihnenka Fashion House (Malinovka), Mama Tilda, Nyufocey Bech, Chadolini, Yakimok, 2х2, Carnalove, KarinaKino, Kroshkiny Odezhki, Artikl, Svetlyachok, Teen Elegance (Katya Anderzhanova’s project for children), Megashapka, Moonky, Eshemoda. 6. On February 19-21, the CJF – Children’s Catwalk 2018. Spring (Pavilion No.3) will bring together leaders of the children’s fashion including Malenkaya Ledi, Blue Seven, Yunie Fantazery, Kuoma, Chadolini, Kiviland, Boboli, Shaluny. 7. Trendsquire and Expocentre invite buyers and designers to take part in the Trend Pro project. It demonstrates key trends of seasonal procurements, and offers consultations of a trend expert during the exhibition from 11.00 to 16.00. 8. Trendsquire’s experts offer trend tours on outdoor clothing, footwear and accessories for babies and schoolchildren (Pavilion No.3, Stand No.3А50) and casual, sports and festive clothing and footwear (Pavilion No.1, Main Entrance Hall). The tours take place on February 20 and 21 at 14:00. Mart / Nisan 2018 89

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