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FAIR Breeze Girls:

FAIR Breeze Girls: “CJF is the most well established fair for our industry” Kenan Kademeli, Russia Regional Sales Manager at Breeze Girls, which offers its products for 25 countries, 20 stores in Turkey, in his statement on CJF 2018, he said: Founded in 1996 in Merter, Istanbul, Breeze Girls & Boys manufactures high quality children knitwear for boys and girls, a huge colour range, wide variety of models and jeans, sport suits and much more. We regard CJF as the unique exhibition in the world which represents the Russian sector widely and deeply. CJF is the most well established fair for our industry. There is no other event that allows the exhibitors to achieve that international visibility. International Exhibition for Child and Junior Fashion, Maternity wear is the right expo to establish new business partnerships where the future is being built. It is the most recommended place for exhibiting and promoting new products. The visitors that came to visit us were from all continents and this proves the widespread international character of CJF. However, footfall was perceptibly lower than last year due to the 2018 Russian presidential election. DMB Group: “Even the worst fair is better than nonparticipation” Founded in 1990, Hazer Tekstil manufactures for the baby kids ages 1 to 16. Ridvan Hatipoglu, dmb group stated that we are at Child & Junior Fashion, Moscow Russia 2018 for the third time now and it just keeps getting better year after year. We have further expanded our stand during the past years and we are pleased by the significantly greater presence. We will continue to be in good exhibitions. Fairs never are not good-for-nothing, even the worst fairs are better than nonparticipation, staying in the company. We increase our recognition by communicating with the customer on the market. We are also planning to attend the CJF Fair, September edition as well. It is important to participate in the fairs, but entering the fairs without reaching a specific infrastructure can cool the company by spoiling the company’s morale. Nonetheless, firms can see where they participate in the fairs, and they can create opportunities for selfevaluation. Step Socks: “We attach great importance for the Russian market” Founded in 1977, Step Socks was among the participants of CJF 2018, Child & Junior Fashion, Moscow Russia as a company, which produces baby and children socks for 0 to 12 age. Anna Karaduman, Russia Regional Sales Manager at Step Socks said, “International Exhibition for Child and Junior Fashion; Maternity Wear 2018 was successful. As Step Socks we attach great importance to the Russian market and we want to expand our market share in the region. We were very satisfied with the quality of our meetings and the large number of visitors at our booth. We look forward to increasing the market share of our brand next years. 92 Mart / Nisan 2018

Monita Kids: “We presented our production quality to the world” Nazeli Leman, Monita Kids, which participated in CJF 2018 Child & Junior Fashion, Moscow Russia for the fifth time this year, shared positive comments about today and the future of the industry. “As Monita Kids we are seventh year of our professional work. We are very assertive in our models” said Nazeli Leman, who said that their collections addressed every part of the world. Leman stated that customers can easily choose products from both European countries and Arab countries. In the production of children’s textiles, there is a requirement to have a firm certificate in order to be able to produce in international standards. We have successful, wellequipped and professional companies working in the sector. At the fairs we participated in, we are proud of the producers of our country. In this way, the world now see that the production quality have been brand in Turkey and the world knows now we manufacture a special production in Turkey. She expressed the importance of this edition of the fair. Pamina Kids: “Pamina Kids is in global market for young princesses” Safak Turan, Russia Regional Sales Manager at Pamina Kids, shared his statement on CJF 2018 Child & Junior Fashion, Moscow Russia. Our journey in the field of textile commenced in 1975 in Istanbul with the name Pamuk Prenses (Show White). We undertook this journey as a family company and our purpose was to have our design to exceed borders and to reach all children in the World. We initiated a brand new beginning in 1 January 2011 with the name Pamina Kids. Our priorities never changes while we were progressing in this targeted path. We have adapted a fashion concept that grows with children’s dreams and that continually improves. We realize our production with a happy and large team that enjoys its every step. Pamina takes its name from the young princess character in the “Magical Flute” opera by Mozart. Our sources of inspiration are the princesses and we design only for female children. Pointing out the fairs are keeping the sector move, he said, “We are participating in fairs held in Istanbul, Antalya and Russia twice a year. We see that the September fairs are more active because it is before the New Year, but we are very satisfied with the both fair. Mart / Nisan 2018 93

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