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Ashford EDU 687 Week 1 Assignment Transforming Learning Into a Learning System

Ashford EDU 687 Week 1 Assignment Transforming Learning Into a Learning

Ashford EDU 687 Week 1 Assignment Transforming Learning Into a Learning System BUY HERE⬊ ord-edu-687-week-1-assignmenttransforming-learning-into-a-learningsystem/ Ashford EDU 687 Week 1 Assignment Transforming Learning Into a Learning System Transforming Learning Into a Learning System. Due by Day 7. Completion of this assignment allows you to demonstrate mastery of the learning outcomes: Interrelate the potential impact shared beliefs, values, and vision has on enhanced teaching quality and student achievement and explain the benefits PLCs provide to principals, teachers, and students through shared responsibility and distributed leadership. Additionally, this assignment leads you toward mastery of Program Learning Outcome 6: Professional Growth, Leadership, & Ethical Practice in the 21st Century and Course Learning Outcome 4: Apply the concepts of collaborative professional development, shared responsibility, and distributed leadership. According to Ash & D’Auria (2013), “The more that teachers, principals, and central office staff act as individual rather than as members of a collective whole, the less likely that all students will be educated well” (p.5). A critical component of serving all students well involves the creation of a learning system in which learning cycles are replicated in every aspect of the institution/organization. The phases of the learning cycle may be observed on multiple levels: student, teacher, school, central office, school board, and professional development. In the article by Hord, Roussin, and Sommers (2010), “Professional Learning Communities; What are they and why are they important,” the background and attributes of professional learning communities (PLC), shared leadership, intentional collective learning, shared values and visions, supportive conditions and shared personal practices are all attributed to a school’s goal to enhance their effectiveness as professionals so that students benefit. Content Expectations 1. Introduction (0.5 points): In a short paragraph, articulate the purpose of this assignment. 2. Table/Matrix (7 points): Use the template provided to define the following seven concepts in your own words in column two. You will also provide a specific example in column three that is unique from any provided in the Introduction of the Ash and D’Auria text or in the Hord et al. article. o Learning Systems o Learning Systems Benefits o Shared and Distributed Leadership o Shared Responsibility o Collective Learning (Collaboration) o Professional Learning Community (PLC) o Synergy (as it pertains to our topic)

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