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BBA 3651 Week 3 Reflection Paper (CSU)

BBA 3651 Week 3 Reflection Paper

BBA 3651 Week 3 Reflection Paper (CSU) BUY HERE⬊ 3651-week-3-reflection-paper-csu/ BBA 3651 Week 3 Reflection Paper (CSU) LEADERSHIP Preview: This student’s current industry is healthcare, however, it is on the backend where billing, collections, and contracting take place rather than on the front end where patient’s come in either to see a physician at the hospital, directly admitted or through the level one trauma center. There must be an understanding before entering this discussion that front and back are two entirely different agenda’s but share a bottom line. Each has its own set of rules and management styles. For this paper, the discussion will be focused on the backend where the heart of the organization is considered to be which is collections of money.

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