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GE350 World Geography Exam 2 Answers (Ashworth College)

GE350 World Geography Exam 2 Answers (Ashworth

GE350 World Geography Exam 2 Answers (Ashworth College) BUY HERE⬊ 0-world-geography-exam-2-answersashworth-college/ GE350 World Geography Exam 2 Answers (Ashworth College) 1. Most of the immigrants arriving in the Netherlands are coming from: 2. In our current era, emerging regions include all of the following, EXCEPT: 3. Which of the following is NOT an effect of the EU's Common Agricultural Policy (CAP)? 4. In what country do mistral winds blow down the Rhône Valley? 5. Which of the following is an example of irredentism—a claim to rights of governance over a minority living outside its borders? 6. Which country first developed polder landscape techniques? 7. The Marshall Plan instituted: 8. Which of the following led to attempts at ethnic cleansing in the late 20th century? 9. Xenophobia is best described as a: 10. During what period would one have observed industrialization in the coalfield areas of northern France, Belgium, and Germany? 11. Approximately how many Jewish people were put to death during the Holocaust? 12. _______ are bowl-shaped basins associated with glaciated landscapes in the Northwestern Uplands. 13. In modern Europe, which of the following is NOT a legacy of the Roman Empire? 14. During what period did innovations in technology and business bring Europe into a new merchant capitalist economy? 15. What is the climate of South Europe? 16. The ___________ is the largest of the European peninsulas. 17. What wave of industrialization was highly localized and exploited a few key resources? 18. During the colonial period, Spain and other European countries relied on gold and silver procured from: 19. ___________ are compact mountain ranges existing separately from other mountain ranges. 20. The Pyrenees Mountains create a natural boundary between France and: