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Bulk Supplier of Talc Powder Thailand Pratibha Refractory

The mission of Pratibha Refractory is to provide to the world, finest quality of talc and related minerals, that together are key components in over 50% of today’s everyday use products, and to do so in the most energy efficient, cost effective and responsible way. Pratibha Refractory is the well known bulk supplier of Talc Powder in Thailand.

Bulk Supplier of Talc Powder Thailand Pratibha

Bulk Supplier of Talc Powder Thailand Pratibha Refractory Bulk Supplier of Talc Powder Thailand Pratibha Refractory Pratibha Refractory is one of the leading manufacturers of Talc (Talcum Powder/Soap Stone Powder) in India. Our product is known for its quality. The Talc we manufacture is available in all the possible varieties suitable for Pharmaceuticals, Paint, Paper, Rubber & Cosmetics industry. Talc is a mineral product which is obtained from mining of Ores. Pratibha Refractory has a Manufacturing capacity that is enough to cater any requirement at any given time.

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