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Why study at Aims

Why study at

Why Study At AIMS Institutes?? Established in 1994, by an illustrious group of educationists, AIMS Institutes is a self-financed private institute in Bangalore that is affiliated to the Bangalore University. AIMS has made its standing in the academic world by consistently being ranked among the best private B-schools across the nation. It is the best BBA college in Bangalore . According to a recent survey, AIMS is ranked as an institute having the 5th best intellectual capital as compared to over 3000 B-schools in India. As the role of technology is increasing in our lives, AIMS is dedicated to integrating technology in education in a way that would put students at ease to deal with technological challenges they might be faced with in the future. The methodology of teaching is designed in a manner to ensure collaboration between educators and students. From the time it has been established, AIMS Institutes has endeavored to push the realms of teaching and learning, to impart excellent education. One of the ways they are doing so is by recognizing the value of learning outside of the classroom. They do so through their Focus Centers of excellence. These focus centers are aimed at creating impactful leaders who can take up any challenge that comes the world brings their way. AIMS Institutes has focus centers for consulting, research, community service, student development, international liaison, sustainability, executive education, corporate and public relations and entrepreneurship. These centers apart from providing excellence in specific fields also aid in the all-round development of students. AIMS offers undergraduate, post-graduate and certificate courses in various fields of hospitality, management, culinary arts and computer applications. For students who wish to make a career in the IT sector, a Masters Of Computer Application (MCA) is a highly sought after course. AIMS features to be the best MCA college in Bangalore , as their course takes students from the fundamentals of computer systems to higher system design and architecture. The MCA program at AIMS is a full-time 3 year long course, that is AICTE approved. The course aims to provide holistic development to students to turn them into competent IT professionals. AIMS had started out with 2 UG programs and a student body of 60 and now offers 6 PG and 4 UG programs with a student strength of about 2000. Take the first step towards your dream career and become a part of this unique and prestigious institution.

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