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6 Hypnosis Adelaide

6 Hypnosis

holistic medicine Adelaide Hello and welcome to my website. My name is Vanessa Campbell, or as I have affectionately become known – Wellnessa; and I am deeply passionate about helping people. Over the years I have studied many courses in complementary therapies, energy, healing and metaphysics. Like many who look for alternative approaches to healing and life I have come from a place of need, needing to know how I can heal, needing to know who I am, and needing to know what is life about. I’m not sure I have found all the answers to these questions (I’m still searching) but I have gathered a large amount information which, some time back, lead me to a career change from the corporate world to a career centred upon the intention of helping others navigate their own lives and investigate what may be right from them. I work from a place of non-judgement and non-attachment. I am a highly sensitive person. Primarily I would describe myself as a counsellor / psychotherapist, hypnotherapist, holistic medicine practitioner, business and personal mentor, numerologist. (Please see the FAQ page which outlines other areas of my study). If you think I may be of help, please make contact.