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MAT 144 Topic 2 Discussions GCU

MAT 144 Topic 2 Discussions

MAT 144 Topic 2 Discussions GCU discussions-gcu/ Or Email us on MAT 144 Topic 2 DQ 1 Go to, choose a country, and find the following rates: Birth, Death, and Net Immigration for the most current year. Use the rates and the current population to find the number of each category expected for that year – use ratio tables and be sure to attach them to your answer. MAT 144 Topic 2 DQ 2 Suppose you have a class where you have four quizzes each worth 15% of the grade and two exams each worth 20%. If you make 77% on two quizzes, 100% on one, and 86% on the fourth along with 98% on one exam and 66% on the other. What is the weighted average? Download Now

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