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8. RW PED 466 566

8. RW PED 466

Sport & Facility Management PED 466/566 September 2, 2010 Sport Facility Management Orientation Syllabus/Course Assignment Overview September 9, 2010 Planning & Design of Sports Facilities Facility Needs Assessment September 16, 2010 LEED Certification Facility Management Orientation September 23, 2010 Facility Design & ADA Requirements Risk Management Policies & Practices ADA Assessment Checklist & Guidelines September 30, 2010 Event Contract Preparation and Insurance Human Resources Management Facility Organizational Structure October 7, 2010 Progressive Field Site Visit October 14, 2010 Mid Term Exam on Blackboard October 21, 2010 Event Services/Guest Services ADA Policies and Procedures Concession Stand Operations Alcohol Sales TEAM/TIPS Training Event Merchandising October 28, 2010 Marketing & Corporate Sponsorship Facility and Gate Naming Rights Marketing Presentation/Global Spectrum November 4, 2010 Fairview Community & Recreation Center Site Visit November 18, 2010 Producing sporting events on a national level NCAA Basketball Championships USA Boxing December 2, 2010 Facility Site Visit Presentations Needs & ADA Assessments “The Sport and Facility Management class has provided me with a better understanding of the operations within a facility, along with the hands on experience that came throughout the course. I have also gained the knowledge on how to handle various logistics of any facility”. Sasha Clarke Allied Sports Profession Undergraduate Student ‘12

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