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26. RW Prof Test 1

26. RW Prof Test

Professional Testimonials ‘The staff at the Wolstein Center, led by General Manager Ron Willner, emphasizes customer service and represents Cleveland State University well with their great attitude from the front door to the loading dock. Ron knows how to manage a facility efficiently, keeping costs down, without hurting the integrity of the venue’. Michael Belkin Sr. Vice President Live Nation ‘My experience at the Wolstein Center has only been positive. Ron Willner has been accommodating, positive and professional. His staff mirrors his demeanor, both friendly and professional’. Michael J. Gillam Principal Amherst Steele High School ‘Rush Concerts and the Wolstein Center have developed a positive relationship throughout the years with the tremendous support of Ron Willner and his staff. The Christian Music Industry would not be as successful as it is in the Cleveland market without the support of the entire staff at the Wolstein Center’. Cliff Reiser President Rush Concerts ‘Before, during and after our week of shows, all of our dealings with SMG Management, and the operations team at the building, were both professional and efficient. Performing a full week of shows, we rely on the building to assist us greatly, particularly during the load in and load out of the productions. At all times we felt supported and welcome by Ron Willner and his Wolstein Center team’. Finn Taylor General Manager/Venue Shows Cirque du Soleil

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