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In Dreamworld, Destiny fills the heads

of skeptics with nightmares to

show the potential future of the plaet.

If humans continue to use up Earth’s resources...


Written by Lolita Curtol and calssmates

finalist of Climate Comic Contest

Illustrated by Natalia Bello

Your Destiny depends

on your choices.

What will you choose?

Our Earth is slowly getting

warmer and being destroyed as

humans mistreat the environment.

There are people who are

changing their ways, but some still

need convincing...

Our Company is

expanding soon,

building a new branch.

We can finally

get a new car!

There are some..

complications, though

Did we have the

same dream?

I think so...

We can still change.

It’s not too late.

Who here has heard the story of Destiny?

When children believe in her, Destiny

helps them protect the Earth in Dreamworld.

I like you car!

The new solar panels

look great AND help

the planet.

The air outside

has been so

fresh lately.

Yes, some scientists and activists are

againgt us. Some nonsense about

pollution and danger to wildlife.

That doesn’t sound good, om. Maybe you

should listen to them. In school we’re

learning about climate change and-

Thanks! Our company

makes electric cars now.

Do you think

Destiny visited

Mom and Dad?

Don’t worry

sweeties, that’s

only a problem

in other


It’s all over the news.

Momand Dad’s car factory

is polluting the air and water.

We know you’re

out there Destiny.

Please help our

parents make

the right choice.

Thanks to our kids,

this really is a

dream come true!

How can we

help them


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