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My first year at SEŠTG

When I was still in the ninth grade, I couldn’t wait to go to high school. I enrolled to the

technical grammar secondary school. I chose it because I wanted to learn more about computers. For

the first time in my life I was feeling excited to go to school.

On the first day I was feeling nervous and excited. I was a little confused, because I didn’t

know where to go. Then I saw my friends and I went to the classroom with them. When we were

walking the only thought I had was who would be my classmates. When we met, everyone was nice,

but we were all shy.

Then our first classes came and we got to know the teachers and each other. During the first

week teachers were strict, but the next week all professors were nice. From the first day till now

or class has separated in groups. The groups are based on where you are from. We hang out with

friends we know from before, because we already know each other. The only thing we did to get to

know each other better was in the Arts class. The teacher put us in mixed groups and we had to do a

comic. During this project we had fun and created new friendships.

For the whole year I tried to get the best grades, because I want to get Zoisova scholarship.

I failed to get it last year so I’m trying my best to get it this year. I have a chance of getting the

scholarship, because I got a gold recognition award in Mathematics.

The most exciting and fun things this year were trips. Our first trip was to Rogla skiing centre.

We skied all week. At the end of the week I was exhausted, because we skied during the day and

stayed up late during the nights. Our second trip was international. We went to Cern and Geneva lake

in Switzerland. Then we went to Lyon and Grenoble in France. The third day we went to Borromean

islands. On the last day we visited the leaning tower of Pisa and Juliet’ balcony and statue (from

Shakspeare’s drama) in Verona, Italy. On this trip I learned and saw many new things. The best trip

for me was a visit to Petnica science centre in Serbia. We did experiments in Chemistry, research on

insects that live in the lake in Biology and a little of programming. This trip was the best, because I

did interesting experiments and I could play table tennis, my favourite sport.

The first year of secondary school was definitely the best year of school. I met new people,

made new friendships and learned new things. I’m happy with my grades and achievements I got

this year. I hope my next three years in this school will be even better.

Domen Zupančič, T1c


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