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“That’s how it is in our school…”

Now that I am coming to the end of high school and to the beginning of my university education, it

scares me a lot. Going to school has been one of my biggest priorities and the most routine part of

my life for the past 13 years. I have many more years to get through, but the years that I spent in

elementary school and high school were the most memorable. I have learned so much since then, it

has made me a different person today.

All our life we are accumulating memories- in some way they are the most precious possessions.

And high school is definitely one of the biggest memories in our life. It is a big step for children, a step

when you have to decide what you want to be. You’re just 14 years old, and you’re scared, but you are

not alone, or at least I wasn’t. You definitely have a loving support of your family that believes in you,

believes that one day you’re going to have a nice life.

But family is not everything you have. What makes high school the most memorable are your friends,

classmates, subjects and teachers. The first day of school, so many unknown faces, but they are the

ones with who you are going to spend 4 years of your life. And I think my school knows how to make

us better friends. In the first year we have a week of skiing in Vogel resort, and during that week, we

choose who we like the most and who the least.

High school is like a survival. You have to study, make sure you have the homework done, make sure

you don’t forget about other activities, but you must also make sure, you make good friends. With

them everything is easier. You have someone who you can trust and who helps you when you’re in

a bad position. A good way of making new friends is definitely travelling. And our school offers us

a wide choice of where we want to go and how we want to spend those days. It doesn’t offer just

travels in Slovenia, but also travels to another countries. And those days are not just to see the world,

but to make better friends. If you spend the whole day with someone, you get to know their habits

and their way of living, and you can see a person in some different perspectives. That’s the best way

of making friends plus there’s one more benefit. You are having fun. You don’t have to care what is

happening in school, if your marks are good enough etc. The school’s point is to show you the way

of living, so you can develop healthy habits and you are taught how to move in the society, how to

behave with others and how to progress in life.

So, whoever thinks, that high school is just 4 years of suffering, is wrong. High school are 4 years

of pure freedom, happiness and joy. And in our school, you can even decide how you are going to

spend those 4 years. Our school is not like every other, it is special in a way that you can decide what

subjects you want to pick and what you don’t even want. In the second year you can pick among

mechanics, computing and electrical engineering. But in the third year, you can also drop some of the

subjects. You have to decide between physics, chemistry and biology. You don’t have to drop from

any, but our school gives you an opportunity to allocate yourself on one or two subjects that you are

definitely going to need later in life, especially at university.

And for the end, high school changes us. It changes our behavior, our perception of ourselves and also

other’s perception of us. From a ridiculous, incapable kid to a mature person, whose life is in his own

hands and those hands are going to make that life full of enjoyment and happiness. And I am happy

that I chose the school I did, and if I had to choose again, I would choose it once again. It gave me, and

probably the others, a way of how to steer your life in the right way. That’s why I love and respect my


Mihael Blatnik, T4b


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